Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys

By Michael S. Fey PhD; Jeff Oxman

If you are an advanced collector of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, or just want to learn more about how to identify, buy, and sell rare silver dollar varieties, this is the book for you. There are silver dollars that in many cases are several times rarer than the keys dates to the Morgan and/or Peace silver dollar series (i.e., 1893-S or 1934-S), but can be “cherrypicked” for common silver dollar prices, or purchased for far less than the key dates. If you, like many, believe these VAM designated coins will appreciate at a much faster rate than the traditional keys to each series, you too can “VAM IT!” and find a fortune using this book.

With this little pocket guidebook you will learn:

* Which are the rarest, most popular and desirable Morgan Dollar varieties-The VAM Keys.
* How to quickly and easily identify rare Morgan dollar varieties in your collection, in your dealer’s case, or at coin shows.
* How much rare die varieties are worth as compared to the price for common coins with the same date, mintmark and grade.
* Whether your coin is among the finest known, and an estimate of its rarity-the number of extant pieces thought to exist.

Binding: Spiral
Edition: 4th
Publication Date: September 2009
Size: 3.75×6
Pages: 202

Available at Wizard Coin Supply

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  1. Question, I hope you can help. What could the capital letter M by the neck and hair of my 1921 s Morgan dollar mean. It is very small and sharp. I know that this is an imposition but I am disposing of my collection and this coin popped up on me. If you can’t help a direction would be appreciated.

  2. recently purchased 1891cc spitting eagle morgan coin has extra fine details but was housed in belt buckle at one time there is rim damage 4 marks from being enclosed in holder any idea how to value this item?


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