Top New Ancient and World Coins on MA-Shops – January 29

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The coin dealers on add a wide variety of new coins to their inventory every day. But some coins just have that special something and are bound to stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of some the top new coins on MA-Shops as of January 29, 2016:

012916-a MA-Shops
Courtesy MA-Shops & Palmyraheritage

SICILY. Syracuse. Dionysios I, 406-367 B.C. AR Decadrachm

Unsigned work by Euainetos. Fast quadriga driven left by female charioteer leaning forward with a kentron in right hand and reins in left hand, Nike flying right to crown her, heavy exergual line and panoply of arms below; Reverse: Head of Arethusa left wearing barley wreath, four dolphins around, scallop shell behind. Good strike from fine style dies. Excellent centering with pleasing gunmetal toning. Minimal die rust on the obverse and quite attractive.

NGC Ch EF, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 3/5. Fine Style.

Seller: Palmyraheritage
Price: 45000.00 US$

012916-b MA-Shops
Courtesy MA-Shops & Münzenhandlung Dirk Löbbers

Breiter Doppeltaler 1653 CM Brandenburg- Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm 1640-1688

Breiter Doppeltaler 1653 CM , Konigsberg . Wardein Christoph Melchior . Hüftbild shouldering scepter in Kurornat to the right, the left at the Hilt / Coat of arms of Brandenburg surrounded by a double ring of ten , or fourteen coats of arms , small below the split date and the initials Melchiors . v . Schrötter 2152 , Davenport 260 , Coll . Marienburg 1562nd

Seller: Münzenhandlung Dirk Löbbers
Price: 32642.83 US$

012916-c MA-Shops
Courtesy MA-Shops & Münzenhandlung Raffler

ROMAN EMPIRE : DIOCLETIAN , 284-305 . Aureus

Rev .: IOVI CONSE – RVATORI / SMN Zeus naked cape in the back , according to l standing , scepter in his left hand holding , lightning in the lowered right hand . . RIC VI , 554,5a , C. 251. Depeyrot I , 119.2 / . 4 Calico II , 765.4494 Grade: very fine copy of allerschönster conservation ! St Provenance : . . Ex Coll Brandt , acquired in the ’90s with Leu , private.

Seller: Münzenhandlung Raffler
Price: 29076.81 US$

012916-d MA-Shops
Courtesy MA-Shops & Comptoir des Monnaies (CDMA)

100 Francs 1896 A France Génie MS(63)

FRANCE, Génie, 100 Francs, 1896, Paris, KM #832, graded, PCGS, MS(63), Gold, G..,Génie,Standing Genius writing the Constitution, rooster on right, fasces on left,Denomination above date within circular wreath

Seller: Comptoir des Monnaies
Price: 17555.81 US$


012916-e MA-Shops
Courtesy MA-Shops & Mages GmbH

Gold Medal 10 ducats without year Bavaria, Kingdom , Maximilian I. Joseph ( 1806-1825 )

Extremely rare GIFT MEDAL of the first Bavarian QUEEN . Probably the only copy. The piece was in none of the major collections such as ” Bavaria and the House of Wittelsbach ” ( auction Künker 108 14 March 2006) or the house collection of HypoVereinsbank München ( auction Künker 82 14 March 2003) . Friederike Wilhelmine Karoline was the second wife of Joseph Maximilian . The couple married on March 9, 1797. The Princess and later Queen was 65 years of age and died on 13 November 1841. Maximilian Joseph’s first wife , Wilhelmine Auguste of Hesse-Darmstadt , had already died in 1796 . Excellent Provenance . From Franz Xaver extinguishing . Vs .: CAROLINA QUEEN – of Bavaria .. bust of Queen left with diadem , the neck portion , the engraver signature LOSCH . Rev .: In one formed by two branches of laurel wreath font in two lines : ON / SOUVENIR .. Smooth edge

Seller: Mages GmbH
Price: 16458.57 US$

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