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Stack’s Bowers: Two Stunning Rare U.S. Gold Coins Added to SBG Direct!

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Two stunning gold rarities currently highlight SBG Direct. Visit StacksBowers.com and add to your collection today!

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1899 Liberty Head Quarter Eagle. Proof-68 Deep Cameo (PCGS)

Incredible Proof-68 DCAM 1889 $2.50
Among the Top 5 Certified by PCGS
Offered at $55,000

1899 $2.50 Gold Coins PCGS PR68DCAMThis pristine jewel sparkles with a magnificent ivory gold complexion that showcases perfect execution throughout. The devices are densely frosted and suspended amidst bottomless and heavily mirrored fields on each side. Fully undisturbed by post-mint blemishes, a miniscule “teardrop” strike-through is visible on Liberty’s cheek that will aide in tracing this stunning piece through future assemblages.

One of just 150 pieces struck for the issue, the present specimen is among the most exceptional survivors of this mintage. Gem examples can be located with patient searching, appearing at auction perhaps two or three times per year. However, in Superb condition and above the Proof 1899 quarter eagle is exponentially more rare. PCGS has certified just four coins at the present Proof-68 Deep Cameo level, with only a single example graded finer at Proof-68+ Deep Cameo. No examples have been certified finer by NGC. For connoisseurs of the very finest Proof gold or Registry Set participants of the highest caliber, this piece represents a significant opportunity to acquire a flawless treasure from the dawn of the 20th Century.

PCGS# 97925. NGC ID: 288N.
PCGS Population: 4; just 1 finer in Proof-68+ Deep Cameo.

1891 Liberty Head Half Eagle. Proof-65+ Deep Cameo (PCGS)

Incredible Deep Cameo Proof 1891 Liberty Half Eagle
Among the Finest Known of the Issue
Just 53 Struck
Offered at $52,500

1891 $5 Gold Coin PCGS PR65+DCAMOffered here is a truly exceptional half eagle specimen from the final decade of the 19th Century. Traces of original apricot patina adorn the peripheries, complementing the splendid orange-peel texture that is present throughout. The fields are impressively mirrored and deep, sharply contrasting with the frosted and satiny design elements. This superb technical execution is matched by superior preservation, as the high points remain entirely untouched.

A truly gorgeous coin to examine in-hand, few survivors from this 53-piece mintage can compare in either aesthetic or technical merit. PCGS has certified just one additional coin at the present grade, and only two pieces grade finer through Proof-67 Deep Cameo. For PCGS Registry Set participants or connoisseurs of the most exquisite Proof gold, this stunning specimen represents a significant opportunity.

PCGS# 98486. NGC ID: 28CV.
PCGS Population: 2; just 2 finer through Proof-67 Deep Cameo.

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