Trans-Dniester Notes Issued to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII (UPDATED May 15, 2015)


The Trans-Dniester Republican Bank commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Allied victory over the Axis Powers with the release of limited-edition, one- and ten-ruble commemorative banknotes.

The notes–issued on April 28, 2015–are similar in design to the Trans-Dniestrian issues of 2012 but feature a special ribbon on the bottom right side of the note that reads “70 ЛЕТ ВЕЛИКОЙ ПОБЕДЫ – 1945-2015” (translation: 70 Year [Anniversary] of the Great Victory).

7,070 pieces of each banknote denomination were released, 2,000 of which were specially-packaged and issued with a collector’s booklet.

The current exchange rate for 1 Trans-Dniestrian ruble is approximately $0.09 USD.


Source:  (Russian language website)

UPDATE, 5-15-15: Here are images of both the front and back of the one- and ten-ruble commemorative banknotes, courtesy of the Trans-Dniester Republican Bank.

Trans-Dniester 1-ruble commemorative note

Reverse of Trans-Dniester 1-ruble commemorative note

Trans-Dniester 10-ruble commemorative note

Reverse of Trans-Dniester 10-ruble commemorative note

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