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Updated PCGS Website Makes Valuable Information Easier to Use


By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez for Coinweek …….

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) recently unveiled a series of updates on its popular website that provides users with virtually up-to-the-moment certification statistics, mobile-friendly pricing data and much more. Established in 1986 and marking its 30th anniversary this year, PCGS is making its website easier to navigate and more responsive for tablets, smartphones and other new technology.

One of the newest features on PCGS.com is a statistics counter that show how many coins PCGS has graded, the total value of those coins, the number of crossover submissions, the number of damaged coins – broken down by type – and other fascinating information. Steve Sloan, marketing director for Collectors Universe, explains the new stats-at-a-glance feature was unrolled to the public in its newest form on March 23, 2016, but that the information has been live in other formats since May 13, 2011.

“At PCGS, we are all about the numbers,” remarks Sloan. “We prominently display to all PCGS.com site visitors the number of coins we have certified since our inception 30 years ago. The statistics page drills into the data behind that large number,” he says. “Our intention is to give customers insight into the coin market through the analysis of these data.”

One of the nuggets from the new PCGS statistics page is this huge number: 32,440,476.

(That’s the number of coins PCGS has certified since 1986 as of March 24, 2016.)

Here’s an even bigger number: 30,213,233,956. In dollars, that’s the total value of the 30-plus million coins PCGS has slabbed in 30 years. That breaks down to an average value of $931.34 per PCGS coin – the equivalent value of a 1909-S VDB cent grading Very Fine-20, a Good-4 1916-D Mercury dime, or an About Good-Good Draped Bust silver dollar.

Here’s a tiny number: 10 – that’s how many warranty claims PCGS has processed in the last 30 days, with a total value of $26,900.

pcgs_30How does PCGS come up with these figures, and how often are they updated?

“The figures on the [statistics] page are all generated through our grading system. Each coin that enters the building is inputted into this system, and tracked throughout its journey from receiving to grading to verification,” Sloan explains. “Our system allows us to create these data you see [on the statistics page] for our customers, as well as the data seen on our popular Population Report and Condition Census (on PCGS CoinFacts). The figures on the [statistics] page are updated nightly.”

While the PCGS statistics page is one of the most noticeable updates as of late, Sloan says there are other important revamps being made across the domain.

“Our site’s most popular section, the PCGS Price Guide, has also been updated to be responsive on mobile phones. This update allows users to more easily navigate the pricing tables,” he says. “In fact, at this point, most pages on PCGS.com are now responsive, meaning they are formatted for viewing on mobile devices.”

These mobile-friendly improvements are in addition to several mobile apps available through PCGS, including PCGS Price Guide, PCGS CoinFacts, PCGS Photograde, and PCGS Cert Verification.

There are some more surprise in store for PCGS’s 30th anniversary, hints Sloan, including more giveaways, specials, and collector incentives. Already, PCGS has released retro OGH (“Old Green Holder”)-style labels and recently completed its highly popular 30 Morgans in 30 Days sweepstakes.

“We are planning coin giveaways for the June Long Beach Expo, as well as the release of a special commemorative 30th Anniversary PCGS medal,” he relates. “But we’re far from done … Look for brand new designs for the PCGS CoinFacts and our Resources page[s] before the year end.”

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  1. the stats page is fine the way it was. The new spinners are annoying. Having to have to switch between 30 day and 12 months views and US/World backlogs is also annoying. Not sure why they bothered to change something that was fine and very few people even know about. I am probably one of the few people in the world who records the numbers on a daily basis from that page to gauge investment sentiment in their stock.

    FYI – This current quarter will have a record number of coins graded


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