Phil_diehlPhilip N. Diehl, Former US Mint Director
Interviewer: Charles Morgan,…….

In this six part interview, Coinweek Content Manager Charles Morgan talks with Philip N. Diehl , who was the Director of the United States Mint from 1993 until 2000.

Philip Diehl Talks About the US Gold & Silver Bullion Program During His Term. VIDEO: 3:27.

In this part ONE of the interview, Mr. Diehl talks about the state of the precious metals market during that time and the effect of Y2K on prices.


Philip Diehl Talks about Relevancy of Circulation US Coinage. VIDEO: 5:23.

Philip N. Diehl was involved in the creation of all the circulating coinage used in American during that time. He shares his ideas about the relevancy of coinage for commerce and what the future may hold.


Philip Diehl Talks about 1999 SBA Dollars the Sacagawea Initial Success. VIDEO: 6:53

Director Diehl was involved in the creation and release of the 1999 Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollar coins. He talks about why these coins were created and what was involved in making them available to the public including the use of Walmart as a point of distribution.


Philip Diehl Talks About Creation of the 50 State Quarter Program. VIDEO: 3:03

During his administration the 50 state quarter program was initiated that brought scores of new collectors into numismatics. He shares what it was like to be involved in the program and some of the stories about its creation.


Philip Diehl Talks About Some Changes He Made as US Mint Director. VIDEO: 3:16

When he first came to office Mr. Diehl initiated some specific changes especially in customer service. He shares why these changes were important.


Philip Diehl Talks About His Current Activities in Numismatics. VIDEO: 1:35.

After serving his term as US Mint Director, Mr Diehl embarked into other ventures involving the coin industry. He shares about his current pursuits as president of United States Money Reserve.


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