Video News: Legislation Affecting the Numismatic Industry

Eloise Ullman, Executive Director of ICTA (INDUSTRY COUNCIL FOR TANGIBLE ASSETS) discusses legislative efforts important to the numismatic industry, including Chinese Counterfeits.

ICTA is the national trade association for all who have an interest in precious metals, rare coins, US and foreign currency, and other numismatic and tangible assets.

ICTA works to prevent laws and regulations that would interfere with dealers ability to do business and/or are excessively burdensome. ICTA also is proactive in proposing laws that would benefit the hobby and business. Equally important, ICTA educates dealers on compliance with certain laws and regulations. Much of their work pertains to issues of taxation and other IRS regulations. In their work with certain government agencies, they sometimes obtain critical clarifications specific to the industry that are only available through ICTA.

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