Delcam Plc recently presented at the World Money Fair’s technical forum to demonstrate some of the latest design and manufacturing technology that can be employed by mints to create coinage.

As part of the presentation they showed the process of creating the ArtCAM peacock coin, created in their new CADCAM software, ArtCAM 2012.

Here you can see some of the great new features of ArtCAM Pro 2012 including the ‘Free Relief Modelling’, ‘Texture Flow’ and ‘Smart Engraving’ in action.

This video shows the complete design and manufacturing process from creating the coin in ArtCAM Pro, machining the stamping dies, stamping the coin blanks and finally the chemical plating process.


The second video presented at the technical forum was the creation of a coin from the scanned image of a broken sculpture.

his sculpture was created by Paul Brown, a Birmingham-based (UK) sculptor.

Unfortunately the bust did not cast well leaving a crack down the side of the face. Using a scanning machine, a high-resolution STL file was created and imported into Delcam’s artistic CADCAM software, ArtCAM. Using ArtCAM 2012’s sculpting features this crack and other sculpting imperfections were smudged, smoothed and erased from the model.

To show how this model can then be used for other applications, the ArtCAM team embossed it to create a coin design.


Special Thanks To:
Howard Bros. Engravers Ltd –
Merit Badge & Regalia Co Ltd –
Taylor Plate (Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham UK)

For more information on ArtCAM Pro 2012 or any product within the ArtCAM creative CADCAM software family, please visit


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