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2016 Farran Zerbe Award winner Mark Lighterman answers the question: How do major error coins leave the United States Mint? In this CoinWeek IQ video, Mark presents three interesting and devious ways in which major mint error coins have escaped the mint and ended up in collectors’ hands.

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NGC-Certified Mint Error Coins Currently Available on eBay

 Pic  Title  Details
ND Lincoln Memorial 1C Penny, 50% OFF CENTER US Mint ERROR, NGC MS-67 RED! Current Price: $8.5
# of Bids: 9
Ending: 5 days 6 hrs 44 mins
2019 D 25C American Memorial Park, Obverse Struck Through Mint ERROR, NGC MS-65 Current Price: $18.5
# of Bids: 8
Ending: 5 days 6 hrs 50 mins
1980 P 5C Jefferson Nickel STRUCK ON 1C PENNY BLANK, MINT ERROR, NGC MS-62 Current Price: $50.0
# of Bids: 6
Ending: 5 days 6 hrs 40 mins
2007 Washington Dollar "Missing Edge Lettering" NGC MS64 Mint Error Current Price: $9.99
# of Bids: 1
Ending: 2 days 7 hrs 5 mins
1966 Jefferson 5C Nickel, DOUBLE Curved Clip US Mint Error! NGC MS-65 Current Price: $0.99
# of Bids: 1
Ending: 5 days 6 hrs 28 mins
Mint Error 2000-P Massachusetts State Quarter NGC MS65 Partial Collar (052) Current Price: $16.3
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 15 days 6 hrs 52 mins
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