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How does Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) process and grade paper money? We sought the answer to these questions in our visit to PMG headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.

In this exclusive CoinWeek IQ video, we go from start to finish, following a paper money submission all the way though the process.

And oh! What an order it is… U.S. notes from the Educational Series of 1896, a “Tombstone” note, an Indian $5, and more…

Since its founding in 2005, PMG has certified more than 1.8 million notes. Now you get to see how they do it!

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PMG-Certified Educational Notes Currently Available on eBay

 Pic  Title  Details
1896 Fr. 224 $1 Educational Silver Certificate PMG Choice Fine 15 Current Price: $307.0
# of Bids: 30
Ending: 20 hrs 3 mins
Two 1896 EDUCATIONAL Note $1 VG and PMG $2 Dollar SILVER Certificate G 6 Current Price: $550.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 6 days 6 hrs 3 mins
1896 $1 Silver Certificate FR-224 - Educational Note - Graded PMG 25 - Very Fine Current Price: $479.89
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 3 days 19 hrs 36 mins
1896 $2 SILVER CERTIFICATE PMG 55 EPQ Fr 247 *EDUCATIONAL* 855502 Current Price: $4395.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 11 days 16 hrs 20 mins
1896 $5 Silver Certificate PMG 35 Fr 269 EDUCATIONAL NOTE 1494505 Current Price: $5895.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 11 days 18 hrs 42 mins
1896 $2 SILVER CERTIFICATE PMG 35 Fr 247 *EDUCATIONAL* 5732574 Current Price: $2395.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 11 days 18 hrs 42 mins
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