don_olmstead_bullionKeith Bauman, Jos Eijserman, Ali Mehilba, & Don Olmstead.
Interviewer: David Lisot …….

Many markets are affected by swings in the precious metals markets.

Many coin and precious metals dealers also buy and sell collectible bank notes.

Dealers at the Memphis Paper Show share their opinions whether the price of gold affects their market.


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Since its inception in 1977, the International Paper Money Show is known only as “Memphis” to the fraternity of collectors and dealers that cherishes this time-honored tradition as the granddaddy of our hobby.

The biggest and the best of all currency collectors have made the trek to Mecca – I mean Memphis – to share their passion for paper money. It is that passion and the treasure hunt for notes, educational events, meetings, SPMC breakfast, bourse floor, auctions, exhibits and camaraderie that keep collectors coming back.

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  1. I have been at this sgow in Memphis. There were so many well informed dealers.
    It is all about a store of wealth. People are starting act on wealth preservation


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