British Numismatic Trade Association Hosts Coinex 2014 in London. VIDEO: 2:05.

coinex2014Christopher Martin, President, Stephen Fenton, Director, BNTA. Interviewer: David Lisot,
The BNTA is Great Britain’s primary dealer organization for protecting the collecting public from counterfeit and spurious coins and nefarious practices from unscrupulous participants in the coin business in England. They host an annual convention in London that has become the gather place for the elites of numismatics from Britain, the Continent and the world. Find out more about this yearly convention.


Baldwins Holds Auctions During Coinex September 2014. VIDEO; 3:17.

Stephen Hill, Director, Baldwins & Son, Ltd., Interviewer, David Lisot,
One of England’s auction houses offers coins of interest to the whole world. Stephen Hill describes the latest offerings and some of the highlights of current auction sales.


Why Coinex is Such an Important Convention in Great Britain. VIDEO: 3:36.

Interviewer: David Lisot, with Stephen Fenton, St. James’s, David Guest, Classical Numismatic Group, Stephen Hill, Baldwins, Miguel Lehmann, Numismatist, Christopher Martin, CJ Martin Coins, Cole Schenewerk, Heritage.
The British Numismatic Trade Association hosts an annual convention in London that attracts dealers and collectors from all over the world. Participants at the show share why they come to England and why this gathering is so important for British numismatics.


David Guest Talks About Coin Markets and Classical Numismatic Group. VIDEO: 3:54.

David Guest, Numismatist, Classical Numismatic Group, Interviewer: David Lisot,
British coin expert David Guest shares his perspective about the Coinex Convention, the numismatic market, and what it is like to have a career in coins.


Cool Coins! Coinex 2014, London, England. VIDEO: 9:39.

Interviewer: David Lisot, with Stephen Fenton, 1652 Massachusetts Silver 3 pence, David Guest, 1657 Mary Queen of Scotts British Silver Ryal,, Stephen Hill, English Charles I High Relief gold pattern, Miguel Lehman, 1800 Santiago Chile 8 reales error, and Christopher Martin, Roman Bronze Trajan Sesterce.
The Coinex convention in London is a great place to see numismatics. Both the dealers and the coins are international and offer all kinds of things to see from ancients to modern. This episode of Cool Coins will not disappoint you if you like interesting numismatic items shown to you by CoinWeek’s reporter David Lisot.


British Firm Offers Numismatic Intern Program. VIDEO: 2:16.

Ema Sikic, Intern, CJ Martin Coins, Ltd, Interviewer: David Lisot,
Bringing young people into the numismatic profession is important to keep the industry vibrant. CJ Martin Coins of Great Britain has a special intern program that introduces the coin business to young people considering a new career.


British and Spanish Coin Market Report Coinex 2014. VIDEO: 2:50.

Stephen Fenton, St. James’s, Great Britain, David Guest, Classical Numismatic Group, Great Britain Stephen Hill, Baldwins, and Lluis Lalana i Culla, Aureo & Calico, Spain, Christopher Martin, CJ Martin Coins, Great Britain, Interviewer: David Lisot,
Find out the activity of the coin industry from an international perspective as CoinWeek’s David Lisot talks to participants at the 2014 London Coinex Convention.


Rare 1652 Oak Tree Three Pence Discovered In Great Britain. VIDEO: 2:28.

Stephen Fenton, St. James’s Auctions, Interviewer: David Lisot,
One of America’s rarest and most desirable collector coins was discovered buried in Sherwood Forest in Great Britain. The coin was minted in 1652 and had to have been brought to England by some intrepid traveler from that time. Now almost the coin is discovered and expected to fetch a handsome price when sold. Stephen Fenton talks about the story of this coin’s discovery.


Interest in Modern Coins is Worldwide. VIDEO: 1:27.

David Guest, Classical Numismatic Group, Great Britain and Lluis Lalana i Culla, Aureo & Calico, Spain, Interviewer: David Lisot,
Most people think that a coin needs to be old to be collectible. The market for modern coins especially those struck by world mints is especially vibrant. Participants at the recent Coinex Convention in London commented about this modern market.


How and Why to Pursue a Career in Numismatics. VIDEO: 4:53.

Interviewer: David Lisot, with Stephen Fenton, St. James’s, David Guest, Classical Numismatic Group, Stephen Hill, Baldwins, Christopher Martin, CJ Martin Coins, Cole Schenewerk, Heritage, and Ema Sikic, CJ Martin Coins.
Making a career in the coin industry is not something most people would think about. Upon examination there is a lot more opportunity than one might expect. CoinWeek talked to some of the numismatists at the international Coinex Convention in London to find out why a person might want to consider numismatics as a way to earn a living.


Cole Schenewerk Talks About a Career in Numismatics. VIDEO: 2:25.

Cole Schenewerk, Intern, Heritage Auctions & Former Young Numismatist, Interviewer: David Lisot,
Cole Schenewerk, Numismatic Intern, Interviewer: David Lisot,
In 2009 when Cole was 14 years old he was awarded Young Numismatist of the Year from the American Numismatic Association. Five years later he is 19 now and works for the largest coin auction company Heritage Auctions as an intern. Cole shares what his path has been like to pursue a career in the coin business.


Baldwins PR and Marketing Executive Talks about Promoting Coins and Collectibles. VIDEO: 4:57.

Harriette Moore, Marketing, Baldwins & Sons, Ltd, Interviewer: David Lisot,
What is it like to be involved in the promotion of one of Europe’s largest collectibles auction houses? Find out from Harriette Moore as she shares what is so interesting about her job.


Baldwins Auction Results from the Ake Linden World Coin Sale. VIDEO: 1:11.

Stephen Hill, Director, A.H. Baldwins & Son, Ltd., Interviewer: David Lisot,
AH Baldwins conducted another major sale of world coins from the Ake Linden Collection. Stephen Hill talks about some of the highlights.


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The UK’s Premier 36th International Numismatic Show

The 2014 Coinex is the 36th annual international coin convention organized by the British Numismatic Trade Association. Only BNTA members and invited international dealers are allowed to have their stock on display for sale.

This year there were 70 tables on the bourse floor. BNTA members abide by a code of ethics meant to protect the participants in the coin collecting community and insure fair business dealings for all parties involved. Collectors come from all over the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and other parts of the world to buy sell, and trade.

Items offered for sale at the convention included ancient, medieval and modern coins, world coins, tokens, medals, paper money and antiquities. Along with the plethora of numismatic items offered for sale on the bourse auction sale was held by London firm A.H. Baldwin & Sons prior to the convention .

All this activity creates an excellent opportunity for travelers to come and enjoy London as well as find items for their collections.

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