Harvey G. Stack
Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com……

In the following five videos, Harvey Stack recalls two of the most important coin collections ever assembled; the Clapp Estate Collection and the formation, expansion and acheivement of the JK Lilly Collection.

Purchase of the Clapp Estate Coin Collection.


Harvey talks about the sale of the Clapp Collection and the eventual sale to Louis Eliasberg.


How J.K. Lilly Started His Collection at Stacks.


J.K. Lilly walked into Stack’s and wanted to start a collection of Spanish doubloons. Harvey shares how his collection expanded.


When Lilly Decided to Expand His Coin Collection.


Lilly decided to expand his collection of gold coins to include the United States and other areas of the world including ancients. Harvey talks about the coins and how they were procured.


J.K. Lilly’s Collection of Toy Soldiers and the Smithsonian.


Harvey helped J.K. Lilly to have a collection of toy soldiers donated to the Smithsonian Institute. What was requested of Lilly to accompany his donation makes for a very interesting story.


What Lilly Achieved with His Coin and Other Collections.


Harvey talks about what Lilly achieved with his coin collecting activities and provides some insight into the mind of the collector.

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