rosie_thumbRosie Rios, Treasurer of the United States.
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New US Coins on Display and Notes Signed by Rosie Rios at National Money Show. VIDEO: 2:16

Treasurer Rosie Rios attended the American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show in Atlanta to sign paper money for the public and to announce new commemorative coins that will be available. Find out why Rosie has captured the hearts of coin collectors all across America.



Rosie Rios Talks About Her Role as Treasurer and the ANA National Money Show. VIDEO: 2:33

Rosie Rios has been a champion of coin collectors and coin conventions ever since she assumed her role as Treasurer. See and learn what she does in her job as Treasurer and what she thinks about coin collectors.



New $100 Note Sheets Signed by Treasurer Rosie Rios at National Money Show. VIDEO: 1:44

Treasurer Rios talks about the new $100 bill sheets being sold at the ANA National Money Show. Attendees at the convention have an opportunity to have her sign a copy of this collector’s item. She explains how this note is the final issue in the government’s latest anti counterfeiting efforts.


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American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show

The Atlanta National Money Show features one of the largest bourse floors of the season filled with an incredible inventory of numismatic items, top-rate educational programs, a superb collection of rarities in the ANA’s Museum Showcase, fascinating collector exhibits, and much more. Also includes a Signature sale by Heritage

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