Why Folks Come to the Summer FUN Coin Convention. VIDEO: 1:24

Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com, with Gary Adkins, Jacob Haugen, and Joel Reznick.

The Florida United Numismatists have a long tradition of successful coin conventions. Their January coin show is one of the largest in the world.

The Summer FUN Convention is only eight years old but has attracted a loyal following. Find out why folks like the convention in Orlando.



FUN Opening Ceremony Coin Convention 2014 Summer. VIDEO: 3:50.

Tony Swicer, President, Florida United Numismatists

The 8th annual Summer FUN Coin Convention opening ceremony is hosted by President Tony Swicer who shares all the events that make this coin show one of the tops in the country. Activities for collectors include 200+ dealer booths, exhibits, lectures, a coin auction by Heritage, Boy Scout and young numismatist activities, club tables, coin supplies and much more.



Young Numismatists Volunteer as Pages at FUN Summer Coin Convention. VIDEO: 2:32.

FUN Young Numismatist Pages, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

When a dealer needs a cup of coffee or some food brought to their table while at a convention the Florida United Numismatist organization provides a team of volunteer pages to assist them. These are young numismatists that learn about working to earn money and study about numismatics. Hear from these young collectors who share what it is like to be a page at a FUN Convention.



COOL COINS! FUN Summer Convention 2014. VIDEO: 5:19.

Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com with Gary Adkins, 1837 Feuchtwanger Cent, NGC MS63, Jacob Haugen; Canada 1970 Wooly Mammoth $20 Silver Proof, Robert LeVan; Austria 1692 Leopold the “Hogmouth” silver taler, Joel Reznick, Casino Chip $25 Star Dancer Casino, Florida.

See another great batch of numismatic items including a collectible casino chip.



New Minnesota Coin Business Registration Law Affects Dealers in Other States. VIDEO: 3:37.

Gary Adkins, Gary Adkins Associations, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Recent legislation in Minnesota requires any business buying or selling more than $5000 to register with the state government. Find out the implications of this new law from Minnesota dealer ICTA member and former Professional Numismatists Guild President Gary Adkins.



Minnesota Sales Tax Law Affects Local Dealers Selling Coins & Bullion. VIDEO: 3:05.

Gary Adkins, Gary Adkins Associations, former President, Professional Numismatists Guild, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

What happens when a coin or precious metals dealer must charge sales tax to local buyers? The business goes elsewhere to another state where no tax is required. This form of legislation can hurt precious metal and coin dealers. Find out how these laws can affect you in your state and what can be done about them.



Metal Detecting Popularity on Display at Summer FUN Convention. VIDEO: 2:19.

Bradley Stocker, Kellyco, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Stories of finding a buried treasure inspire hope in many people. A great way to increase one’s chances of finding a fortune is to have a metal detector. CoinWeek interviewed one of the largest sellers of these products at the recent Summer FUN Coin Convention.



Casino Chips Continue to Grow in Popularity with Collectors. VIDEO: 4:00.

Joel Reznick, Frog Pond Collectibles, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Casino chips can be from Las Vegas, Indian Casinos, cruise ships, and all kinds of other places. Learn more about his exciting new collectible area from a longtime dealer who specializes in Casino chips.



Display of Casino Chips Shown at FUN Summer Coin Convention 2014. VIDEO: 4:10.

Joel Reznick, Frog Pond Collectibles, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Casino chips are certainly a form of money. These colorful items have been growing in popularity as collectibles and have an interesting story to tell. Find out more about this collectible area.



Cool New Books for Coin Collectors. VIDEO: 3:56.

Wayne Herndon, Wizard Coin Supply, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Buy the book before the coin is some great advice for collectors. There are coin supply companies that specialize in numismatic literature with titles about all kinds of coins. See in this video some of the news books released for collectors.



Why I Chose Rare Coins, Gold and Silver for My Retirement. VIDEO: 3:10.

Robert LeVan, Have Coin Will Travel, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Meet a man who truly believes in the value of coins and precious metals. Robert LeVan worked as a city employee for decades and put all his retirement savings into items with intrinsic value. He shares his philosophy of investment.



Dakota the Coin Dog Visits FUN Summer Coin Convention. VIDEO: 2:40.

Dakota and his Human Companion, Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com.

Dogs have been called man’s best friend and now and that includes coin collectors. Dakota is one of only two service dogs allowed in coin shows in the southeastern United States. Learn about this remarkable dog from his human owner.


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2014 Summer FUN SHOW – Orlando Florida:

The Florida United Numismatists is host of the nation’s largest coin show, held annually at the beginning of January. Over 15,000 collectors and dealers from around the U.S. and the world converge in the sunny climate for the first bellwether gathering of the year.

The Summer FUN coin convention is smaller that the winter show, but still remains a priority venue for the major dealers and local collectors. It also includes  the Summer FUN Heritage Signature coin auction which is an important sale of rare US coins.

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