In this CoinWeek Unboxing video, editor Charles Morgan shares two new acquisitions to his collection of F.A.O. coins and medals: two silver medals struck to commemorate the United Nation’s Decade for Women (1976-1985) and the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981). These silver medals were offered for sale by the F.A.O.’s Rome office and now occasionally turn up at coin shops and in online auctions. Charles shares his perspective about the pieces, their history, and art.

The F.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organization) was established by the United Nations in 1945. Since its establishment, the F.A.O. has led in the international effort to defeat hunger.

To publicize its activities, the FAO launched the World Money Programme in 1968. The World Money Programme used the power of coins to communicate the FAOs missions to people across the world.

The FAO boasted a robust medal program as well, offering medals in gold, silver, gilt, bronze, and aluminum.

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