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Video Playlist from the Dallas ANA Money Show – Oct 2012

CoinWeek is pleased to present a NEW Feature from our Video Library: The Video Playlist.

Every month CoinWeek Producer David Lisot attends multiple coin and currency shows both across the US and in Europe. The “Video Playlist” will be a summary of all videos produced during each of these specific shows.

The Dallas ANA Money Show

Interview with ANA President Dallas Tom Hallenbeck 2012. VIDEO: 2:55


  • Subject: Tom Hallenbeck, ANA President
  • Interviewer: David Lisot

Leadership of the world’s largest coin collector organization has been held by Tom Hallenbeck for almost two years. Tom talks about the Dallas convention and shares recent developments about upcoming ANA conventions as well as new efforts for fund raising by the association.

ANA Dallas 2012 Opening Ceremony. VIDEO: 9:55


Jeff Shevlin, Executive Director.
It has been a long time since an American Numismatic Association Convention was held in Dallas, Texas. Executive Director Jeff Shevlin presides over the opening ceremony and introduces ANA President Tom Hallenbeck for remarks about the association and convention. You will see Tony Hales receive the Goodfellow Award as well as awards to Allen Scott and Hal Cherry.

Memories about Harry W. Bass, Jr.


Doris Bass, Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation, Interviewer: David Lisot.
Most people in numismatics have heard about the legendary coin collector Harry Bass. Harry assembled one of the most extensive collections of rare gold coins and patterns that are now available for display through museums and foundations. Doris Bass, Harry’s wife, shares some memories about this great numismatist.

Walter Ostromecki Announces Bid for ANA Presidency. VIDEO: 3:52


Walter Ostromecki, ANA Vice President, Interviewer: David Lisot.
Walter has been involved with the ANA since 1975 and hopes to be the top leader of that organization. He is running for president on a platform to increase education, expand the travel exposure of the ANA Museum exhibits and an increase in fund raising. Hear Walter share his vision about the ANA.

APMEX and eBay Announce Precious Metals Trading. VIDEO: 3:27


Gene Cook, General Manage Emerging Verticals, eBay, Paul Montgomery, Executive Vice President, APMEX, Interviewer: David Lisot.
All kind of coins and collectibles trade on eBay but precious metals have always represented a challenge due to the small price premiums and volatile markets. Now APMEX and eBay have announced a new trading platform for gold and silver. Hear from their respective representatives why this new venture has been created.

Numismatic Displays at the Dallas ANA from the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation. VIDEO: 4:27


F. David Calhoun, Executive Director, Interviewer: David Lisot.
The Bass Foundation has an arrangement with the American Numismatic Association that allows some of the most spectacular coin in the collection to be on display at this year’s National Money Show in Dallas, Texas. David Calhoun explains about the foundation and how these coins have been made available.

Cool Coins! ANA Dallas 2012. VIDEO: 6:07

Interviewer: David Lisot, Gary Adkins, Gary Adkins & Associates, 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter XF45, Dr. Eugene Bruder, 1847 Hawaii Cent, PCGS63, Dan Duncan, Pinnacle Rarities, 1916 Pattern Walking Liberty Half PRF64, Bob Green, Park Avenue Numismatics, 1932 $20 St. Gaudens MS65, Earnest Palms, Dillon Gage Metals, 1893-CC Morgan Dollar MS-64, Allen Rowe, Northern Nevada Coin, 1873-CC Seated Dollar, F15.
More of the ever-popular “Cool Coin” series as David Lisot continues his efforts to find the most interesting coins in all of numismatics.

Legend-Morphy Coin Auction Results. Video: 2:37


Julie Abrams, President, Legend-Morphy, Interviewer: David Lisot.
The first auction sale of Legend-Morphy has concluded. President Julie Abrams talks the results and shows some of the highlights. She also talks about upcoming auction sales.

eBay Talks About Specialty Auctions. VIDEO: 2:49


Brooke Segaran, Senior Manager Collectibles, eBay, Interviewer: David Lisot.
A new series of auctions are being held by the internet auction site eBay. Brooke Segaran talks about these new sales that include CAC coins and sports collectibles as well as plans to hold more of these special sales.

Heritage Auction Sale of Alaska Red Seal #1 National Bank Note. VIDEO: 4:14


Interviewer: David Lisot, Shawn Schiller, Heritage Auctioneer, Jesse Lipka, Purchaser.
A rare and historic National bank note was recently sold by Heritage Auctions. This Alaska #1 is one of only three notes known of this series. Watch the auction sale as the note brings almost a quarter of a million dollars and hear from the purchaser why he spent so much money for a single note.

Paper Money Market Report Dallas 2012. VIDEO: 3:10


Jesse Lipka, Numismania, Interviewer: David Lisot.
Every coin show has its share of paper money dealers. At the Dallas ANA dealer and paper money grader Jesse Lipka talks about the market for bank notes and discusses nationals, Colonials, fractionals, type and small size notes.

Why Collect Paper Money. VIDEO: 3:40


Jesse Lipka, Numismania, Interviewer: David Lisot.
Paper money collecting is not as popular as coin collecting but the people who do collect bank notes are very passionate about their hobby. Jesse Lipka explains why he thinks this area of collecting represents a great opportunity for the future.

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