Video Playlist from the US Mexican Numismatic Association Convention – November, 2012

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The First Annual US Mexican Numismatic Association Convention

US Mexican Numismatic Association Convention Report 2012. VIDEO: 2:59


The first annual convention of the US Mexican Numismatic Association was held in Phoenix, Arizona. A small but dedicated group of collectors and dealers converged in a deluxe hotel to buy, sell and discuss Mexican and Latin American numismatics.

Executive Director of the Association Cory Frampton talks about the growing interest in Mexican coins, why they held the convention and what people can expect when they join the USMNA.

Why People Came to the First Annual US Mexican Numismatic Association. VIDEO: 5:44


Interviewer: David Lisot, Don Bailey, Bob Briggs, Dave Busse, Sal Falcone, Angel Fregoso, Dave Keiss, Kent Ponterio.

People came to this convention devoted exclusively to Mexican numismatics for many reasons. Hear some of the attendees share why they traveled here and if the show fulfilled their expectations. Finally hear from the kids that helped with attendance.

What is the US Mexican Numismatic Association and Why Do People Join? VIDEO: 5:16.


Interviewer: David Lisot, Don Bailey, Dave Busse, Sal Falcone, Joe Flores, Angel Fregoso, Dave Keiss, Angel Smith.

The US Mexican Numismatic Association is an organization devoted exclusively to the coinage of Mexico and Latin America. Hear from some of its founders and members why the group was created and the benefits of membership.

Market Report for Mexican Coins and Why People Collect Them. VIDEO: 6:50.


Interviewer: David Lisot, Don Bailey, Bob Briggs, Dave Busse, Sal Falcone, Cory Frampton, Angel Fregoso, Dave Keiss, Kent Ponterio, Angel Smith.

The market for coins and bullion is dynamic and strong all over the world. Hear from the major traders in Mexican numismatics which areas are most popular and why people collect the coins of Mexico.

Stack’s Bowers Ponterio Upcoming Auction Featuring Mexican Coins. VIDEO: 2:11


Kent Ponterio, World Numismatist, Stack’s Bowers Ponterio Auctions. Interviewer: David Lisot.

The auction house of Stack’s Bowers Ponterio is featuring some exceedingly rare Mexican coins in their upcoming sale to be held at the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore on November 15, 2012. Kent POnterio is the world numismatist for the firm and shows and talks about some of the highlights from the sale.

How Kids Can be Helpers at a Coin Convention. VIDEO: 2:42


Ali Frampton, Convention Helper, Interviewer: David Lisot.

It can be really tough on a kid if their dad is a coin collector. What if their dad is the chairman to an entire coin convention? Ali Frampton has solved this dilemma by deciding to be a helper at the convention. Find out how to deal with coin collecting dads and why coin collecting might actually be something kids can enjoy from this young coin collector.

Cool Coins Mexican! US Mexican Convention 2012. VIDEO: 12:18


Interviewer: David Lisot, Don Bailey, 1995 Silver 10 peso Don Quixote, Bob Briggs, copper 1864 Mining token, Dave Busse, 1689 Charles II silver cob 8 reales, Sal Falcone, 1915 Chihuahua Parral silver Boleta, Angel Fregoso, 1910 Banco Minera 10 peso commemorative bank note, Carlos Jara, 1778 silver Medal of Charles III, Dave Keiss,1998 silver one ounce Libertad, Todd McKenna, 1914 silver Muerta Huerta “Death Peso”, Angel Smith, 1915 Oaxaca gold 10 Peso.

What are the coolest coins from south of the United States border? See and learn about some of the most interesting coins from the country of Mexico in this CoinWeek “Cool Coin” video from the first annual convention of the US Mexican Numismatic Association.

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US Mexican Numismatic Association  First Annual Convention
Hilton Scottsdale Resort
6333 N Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona.

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  1. “How Kids Can Be Helpers at a Coin Convention” interview: What an intelligent and inspiring young woman. As long as there are people like Ali Frampton with us, there will be a bright future for numismatics.


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