Video Tribute to Leon Hendrickson of Silvertowne

The 72nd anniversary CSNS Convention had a special moment during the annual numismatic gathering. There was a reunion of 9 different CSNS past presidents including longtime CSNS supporter Leon Hendrickson.

Leon was CSNS president from 1986-1988 and is founder of the Winchester, Indiana company, SilverTowne. Leon is 85 years old and in this rare appearance at the convention he greeted customers and sold copies of his new book, “Rare Coin, Rare People.”

Several CSNS Board members participated in a video tribute to Leon that includes a rare interview with Leon where he shares his views about life.


Gathering of luminaries included nine past presidents of CSNS

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  1. Corporate America should take a few lessons from Leon. Take care of your people, be fair, respect others and remain honest at all cost. Great message from Leon- I watched it several times.


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