Watch Better Caul Saul Actor Jonathan Banks Portray Coin Shop Burglar on Sanford

Actor Jonathan Banks is best known for playing Mike Ehrmantraut, a hard-as-nails ex-cop turned criminal, who served as the head of security for drug lord Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) in the hit A&E television dramas Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

A noted character actor, in the fourth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Sanford entitled “Cal the Coward” (1981), Banks plays Al, a thief who, along with his partner Sam (Michael D. Roberts), burglarize a coin shop and make off with 100 gold Krugerrands. To avoid the cops, Al throws the coins into the junkyard owned by Fred G. Sanford, played by comic legend Red Foxx.

In this clip, Sanford’s good fortune in finding a literal bag of gold quickly sours as the thieves turn Sanford’s living room upside down in order to get back what’s (not) rightfully theirs.

Unfortunately for Sanford, Cal Pettie (Dennis Burkley) shows up and blows his cover, revealing the hidden coins and putting the pair in a dangerous situation.

You can watch the clip on YouTube below:

Interestingly, Krugerrands were still legal to import at the time, despite South Africa’s discriminatory policy of Apartheid. The United States would not make the importation of the popular bullion coin–which had been struck since 1967–illegal until 1985. And the private ownership of gold coins in the U.S. was also a fairly recent phenomenon, with the 41-year-old ban having been lifted only about seven years prior to the airing of the episode.

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  1. Title headline is wrong. This is actually “Sanford”, not Sanford and son. Sanford was a separate spinoff continuation of Sanford and son that ran for two seasons in the 80s.

  2. This clip is not from “Sanford and Son,” which ended in 1977, but “Sanford,” the short-lived spinoff that was Redd Foxx’s attempt to revive the series without Demond Wilson (the “Son”).


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