Whitman Releases New Check List and Record Book of U.S. Paper Money

Whitman Publishing Check List Currency

Whitman Publishing announces the release of an updated Check List and Record Book of United States Paper Money for collectors of American currency. The 256-page softcover book retails for $9.95 USD and is available from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide, and online.

The Check List and Record Book is designed as a convenient way for hobbyists to keep track of their collections. Its 6 x 9–inch size is big enough for writing notes and comments, and small enough to carry easily or to store in a safe deposit box.

Sections cover all federal series in denominations from $1 to $10,000, plus Postage Currency, Fractional Currency, and error notes. Mule notes and star notes are also included. Entries are listed with their Friedberg and Whitman numbers for convenient cataloging, along with quantities printed of each note.

The book serves a dual purpose: as a check list, it allow collectors to mark items off as they’re added to their collections; and as a record book, it includes space to note grades, prices, when and where specimens were purchased, and other important information.

Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker said, “Numismatic authors such as Beth Deisher and Tom Bilotta write about estate planning and disposition for collectors and their families. They emphasize the importance of keeping detailed inventories of our collections. Not only does this keep everything organized while we’re actively collecting, but for our heirs it makes selling, donating, or maintaining a collection much easier. I recommend keeping an up-to-date copy of the Check List and Record Book in your bank safe or wherever you store your collection.”

Because Whitman Publishing is the Official Supplier of the American Numismatic Association, ANA members receive 10% off their direct purchases at www.Whitman.com.

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Check List and Record Book of United States Paper Money
256 pages; softcover. $9.95
ISBN 0794845177

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