WINGS Announces Pre-ANA World’s Fair of Money Free Submission Program


By WINGS Coins, LLC …..
WINGS® Coins announces that for any items submitted at regular price (US$12.50) WINGS® will review an additional item for free ( Up to a maxium of 5 free reviews. This applies for any submission with a post-mark on or before August 8, 2016. Visit the website to download submission forms. You do not need to be a member of any type of collector’s club to submit your items. The submitter will be responsible to pay for Shipping, Handling and Insurance as set out on the submission form.

WINGS COINS reviews already graded world coins, ancients, medals (both world and US) and tokens (both world and US) to determine
if, in our opinion, the item is either “Premium Quality” or “Solid for the Grade” for the grade assigned to them by the grading service.

See if your coin or other item is quality enough to qualify for a WINGS Gold or Silver Sticker.

About WINGS World Coin Grading Verification

Established in 2008, WINGS® (an acronym for World Identification and Numismatic Grading Service) reviews your World Coins, all Tokens, Medals and Ancients that have been graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG, ANACS or ICCS (Canadian Grading Service) to determine if they are either “Premium Quality” or “Solid for the Grade” within the grade assigned to them by the third-party grading service.

If it is “Premium Quality” within the assigned grade then, it will receive the WINGS® Fraud Proof and Tamper Proof Gold Sticker.

If the coin, token or medal is “Solid for the Grade” indicating a quality coin, token or medal, then it will receive the WINGS® Fraud Proof and Tamper Proof Silver Sticker.

(855) 339-4647

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