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Rapp Auctions Invites You to the Glamorous World of Precious Swiss Coins

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Invitation to the Public Reception

At this point, just a few days before the grand opening of “L’EXCELLENCE SUISSE – Switzerland’s most precious coins“, we must admit that anticipation is growing minute by minute. After almost a year of preparations, we will finally have the pleasure to open the doors to this extraordinary display of Swiss coins on May 2, 2017.

With the most appreciated support of the renowned Genevan numismatist Olivier Chaponnière, his esteemed team and many other experts, we managed to put together the most precious coins Switzerland has to show.

The creation and the history of the Swiss Franc is the main topic of the exhibition. It shows original sketches, drafts and plaster models of Antoine Bovy, the creator of the Swiss Franc. In addition, all the gold coins ever minted in Switzerland starting from 1873 are presented. A third part is dedicated to the money our ancestors used. You will get to see extremely rare coins, original models and documents of ines timable historic value and of great importance for the Swiss Confederation.

Spectacular Highlights

Happy Birthday Goldvreneli

The spotlight of the exhibition is turned to the so-called “Goldvreneli” (20 francs in gold), Switzerland’s probably most famous coin. It celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. Minted for the first time in 1897, it can be found in almost every Swiss household today.

And we couldn’t of course leave out the most famous Vreneli of all, the iconic “Stirnlockenvreneli“. Only 12 specimens were minted. The administration responsible for the decision about the coin design condemned the representation of the Swiss woman to be too frivolous due to the forelock (Stirnlocke), which is why the design was refused.

Today, the Vreneli with the forelock is in great demand among collectors and investors. As it is very hard to find, the prices have increased remarkably during the past years. About 200,000 Swiss Francs must one pay today for this tiny gold coin.

Switzerland’s Most Expensive Coin: The 5 Francs of 1886

After having minted the first specimens of the 5 franc 1886, the die was found to be damaged. The minting had to be stopped, so that only five specimens are known today. Only two of them are privately owned – and one of these can be seen at our exhibition. Come and see Switzerland’s rarest coin, estimated at half a million Swiss Francs!

Cordial Invitation

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, you are warmly invited to attend our Public Reception. Susanne Hartmann, city mayor of Wil, will give an opening speech, and Dr. Ursula Kampmann, curator of the exhibition, will introduce you to the most important exhibits.

Afterwards you are cordially invited to the Apéro Riche with champagne, wine and other delicacies. For further information, please consult our new website which we created for this event: www.rapp-coins.ch. Or give us a call at 0041 71 923 77 44.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon! Let yourself be enchanted by the glamorous world of Switzerland’s most precious coins.

Best wishes,

Peter Rapp and Marianne Rapp Ohmann

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