World Coin News – Blue Petrel Titanium Coin from Pobjoy Mint

World Coin News - Blue Petrel Titanium Coin from Pobjoy Mint

  • New Colored Titanium Coin each slightly varying in color
  • Celebrating a beautiful seabird
  • Exclusive Pobjoy effigy design of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Coin

Pobjoy animal coins are always a popular collectable and those with a £2 value seem to be particularly desirable. The design on the reverse of this coin features a Blue Petrel diving into the Antarctic Ocean in order to catch fish. In the surround you can see another two Blue Petrels ready to join the feast! This coin is issued on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory and production is limited to 7,500 Blue Titanium and 10,000 Unc. Cupro Nickel.

Titanium reacts differently with every strike, so each Titanium Blue Petrel coin is technically different and varies slightly in color. There is also a lined effect that is present on the coins which is unique to this metal. The obverse features the Pobjoy exclusive effigy design of HM Queen Elizabeth II in exceptional detail.

Behind the Coin

The Blue Petrel (Halobaena caerulea) is a small seabird that inhabits southern oceans. They reach about 200 grams in weight and a length of 30 cm. They have a white underside and face with a blueish grey topside. The Blue Petrel has an extraordinary ability to produce foul smelling oil that they store in a special section of their stomach called the proventriculus; they then eat this oil to feed themselves during long flights!

The Blue Petrel feeds primarily on krill but also eats other crustaceans, fish and squid. They catch their prey by diving into the water and can reach depths of up to 6m, but can also be found sitting on the surface and dip diving. The Blue Petrel is a pelagic bird, which means that they live at sea. The only time they visit the shore is when they breed and during this time you can find the birds living in burrows in large colonies. They lay one egg, which takes about 50 days to hatch and a further 55 days for the hatchling to fledge!

Coin Specifications

Metal: Titanium, Cupro Nickel
Diameter: Titanium: 36.10 mm; CuNi: 38.60 mm
Weight: Titanium: 10.00 g; CuNi: 28.28 g
Issue Limit: Titanium: 7,500; CuNi: 10,000


The Titanium coin is shipped encapsulated in an acrylic capsule for protection and housed in a stunning red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Cupro Nickel coin is shipped in a unique Pobjoy Mint blue presentation pouch.

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