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World Coins – Diana Rose Coin Commemorates Popular British Princess

Diana Princess of Wales, Rose Coin 2017 Pobjoy Mint


  • Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Death of Princes Diana
  • Beautiful mother of pearl inlay with very low issue limit of just 2,017 (800 left)
  • Available in Fine Silver 999. Fine Gold and Virenium (light gold color)
  • Also produced in UHR Fine 999. Gold 1/2oz Piedfort & UHR Fine 999; Silver 1 oz Piedfort SOLD OUT

The Coin

The centre of the reverse features a beautiful Diana Rose, a rose named after Diana as she was known as England’s Rose. We have achieved this unique finish by striking an indent into the coin and fixing an intricately carved piece of mother of pearl in the shape of the rose into the cavity. The color of the Mother of pearl is unique to each coin and features a mixture of different colors and patterns. The obverse features the Pobjoy Mint Exclusive Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II in high detail.

In tribute to Princess Diana whose life tragically came to an end on August 31, 1997, Pobjoy Mint introduces a new coin on behalf of Ascension Island to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of her Death. The Issue limit of this piece has been set at just 2,017 in 999. Fine Silver. We will also produce a Virenium edition, which has a light gold color and is limited to 10,000.

We are also producing some special Ultra-High-Relief coins. Our 1oz. UHR 999. Fine Silver Piedfort (total weight 2oz) with an issue limit of 850 (250 of these have a reverse frosted image) has been SOLD OUT. Also produced is a 1/2 oz. UHR Fine 999. Gold Piedfort (total weight 1oz.), that is not available. Preview images of these coins are attached.

Behind the Coin

The fairy tale wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles raised worldwide interest in Britain’s Royal Family. On 29th July 1981 millions crowded the London streets to catch a glimpse of the couple before they exchanged vows at St. Paul’s Cathedral. In the early years of her marriage Diana appeared a shy, private member of the British aristocracy; however, her grace and nobility won the hearts of the nation and she soon blossomed into the people’s princess. Throwing herself into her royal duties exhibiting a warmth and concern for all those causes she supported, Diana became the most photographed member of the Royal Family.

Such public devotion led millions of mourners to line the route of her funeral procession from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey on August 31, 1997. Most wept or watched in silence as the gun carriage passed carrying Diana’s coffin, but some applauded quietly as a sign of appreciation for their much loved princess.

Order & Delivery Notes

Ascension Island 2017 20th anniversary Princess Diana death coin order info courtesy Pobjoy Mint


The Diana Rose Fine Silver coins are shipped in an acrylic capsule for protection and housed in a stunning red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Virenium coins are dispatched in plastic blister held by a color card pack.

Coin Specifications

Metal: .999 Silver, .999 Gold, Virenium
Diameter: 38.60 mm; Gold Piedfort: 30.00 mm
Weight: Silver: 33.00 g; Virenium: 20.00 g; Silver Piedfort: 62.21 g; Gold Piedfort: 31.103 g
Issue Limit: Silver: 2,017; Virenium: 10,000; Silver Piedfort: 850; Gold Piedfort: 300


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