At the 2017 Spring Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo, CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan sat down with WINGS President Lance Tchor to review a box of 20 new coins from Charles’ collection – most of which he purchased raw and submitted for grading.

Lance reviews all 20, awards WINGS stickers to a number of them, and has a real complaint about how a few were graded.

Were these coins over- or under-graded? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Coins featured in this video:

  • 1982-R Italy 500 Lire MS68
  • 1966-R Italy 500 Lire MS66
  • 1977 Thailand 150 Baht MS68
  • 1967 Austria 10 Schilling PR68DCAM
  • 1770 Nurnberg Pfennig MS65
  • 2008 Slovenia 3 Euro MS65
  • 2000 Japan 10 Yen PR70DCAM
  • 2000 Japan 50 Yen PR70DCAM
  • 1964 Austria 25 Schilling PR66
  • 1979-R San Marino 1000 Lire MS67
  • 1981-B India 10 Rupee MS64
  • 1969-So Uruguay 1000 Pesos MS64
  • 1968 Sudan 25 Girsch PL65
  • 1977 Maldives 20 Rufiyaa MS67
  • 1977-B India 10 Rupees MS68
  • 1975 Sna Marino 500 Lire MS67
  • 1936 French Indochina 50 Cents MS63
  • 1981 Uruguay 2 Pesos Gold Coin PF66UCAM

Note: SHOT IN 4K. Click: “Watch on YouTube” button to watch this presentation in its full 4K presentation.

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