Dragonfish – Golden Arowana

Palau. 10 Dollars. 2019. Silver .999. ca. 2 oz. 50 x 31 mm. Proof. Mintage: 999 pcs. B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich.


The obverse is ornamented with a scaly pattern, in the center the national coat of arms of Palau with the inscription REPUBLIC OF PALAU, below the nominal value 10 $. Above the coat of arms the inscription AROWANA / DRAGONFISH / 2019.

The reverse shows an Asian Arowana in high relief, which seems to be swimming on a golden ring. This effect results from the remaining field being covered by black enamel.


Arowana, which due to their resemblance to a Chinese dragon are regarded as a particularly talismanic symbol in Asia, can very well keep up in price with the better-known Koi carps. Their scales reflect the light in all colors of the rainbow. Depending on the color variant, up to six-figure sums may be paid for certain animals, particularly because it brings good luck to integrate them into the personal environment.

An aquarium positioned in the southeast corner of an apartment will bring money and wealth to the owner. In the north, it furthers the career and in the east blesses the inhabitant of the apartment with robust health. An Arowana sculpture, coupled with the depiction of coins, furthers the trade if positioned at the entrance and/or the check-out counter.

The new coin of CIT Coin Invest AG links to this Asian tradition. It depicts, on an issue for the island nation of Palau, a naturalistically designed golden Arowana, which, thanks to smartminting technology seems to be hovering above the coin. The extravagant black enamel, through which the field optically completely fades into the background, has been applied with utmost precision.

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The lucky scales of the fish have been treated with state-of-the-art laser technology to create an exquisite sparkle. Every single scale is given a proof edge with delicate frosting inside. Applying these two techniques side by side on a small surface alone is demanding. Considering that each scale is not flat but three dimensional, the technical difficulties that have been mastered with this strike become clearer.

Whether as mojo or a symbol of state-of-the-art minting technology, the golden Arowana is a very special numismatic highlight indeed.

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