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The national side of the 2-euro commemorative coin, issued into circulation on April 4 by the Bank of Lithuania, bears one of the most salient symbols of Baltic culture — an amber disc-amulet. The new coin was presented to the public at the Palanga Amber Museum.

“These Lithuanian coins, produced in a mintage of one million, can be used for payments not only in Lithuania but also in other countries that have adopted the euro. Therefore, this coin will not only remind us, but other Europeans as well, of our historical roots and unique Baltic culture. I also hope that this disc, once in appears in your purses, becomes a token of success and happiness,” said Deivis Stankevičius, Director of the Cash Service at the Bank of Lithuania, during the presentation of the coin.

The amber disc is an archaeological find from the Neolithic period, reminiscent of an irregularly shaped button.

“Amber has linked the Baltic world to Southern Europe and, during the formation of the national identity of the Lithuanians and Latvians, became an integral part of their cultural identity,” writes Dr. Habil Bonifacas Stundžia, eminent researcher of the Baltic world.

The graphic design of the national side of this commemorative coin was created by Jolanta Mikulskytė, while the plaster model was moulded by Giedrius Paulauskis. The common side of the coin is the same as in circulation 2-euro coins. The words on the edge of the coin: LAISVĖ*VIENYBĖ *GEROVĖ (in English: FREEDOM, UNITY, WELL-BEING).

2 euro commemorative coin common sideThe coins were minted by the UAB Lithuanian Mint (Lietuvos monetų kalykla). The mintage of the coin is one million, including 10 thousand of a higher (BU) quality in a numismatic package.

The coins are available for sale at the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania (no more than 50 pieces per person per day) at nominal value. Here the Bank of Lithuania will also offer for sale higher quality coins in a numismatic package (the price per package is EUR 9). The coins will also be distributed by official distributors of numismatic items.

The commemorative 2-euro coins are legal tender across the euro area.

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