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On May 3, the Central Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal) released a new €2 commemorative coin into circulation entitled “Portugal’s Olympic Team 2016” (Equipa Olímpica de Portugal 2016).

port_2016The coin will be distributed to the public through credit institutions and Bank of Portugal cash offices.

The “Portugal’s Olympic Team 2016” coin has the European design used on all  2 euro coins in circulation on the common side.

On the national side:

  • In the middle, a filigree heart symbolising the national spirit;
  • Around the edge, on the right side, the logo of the Olympic Committee of Portugal and the words ‘Equipa Olímpica de Portugal 2016’;
  • Around the edge, on the left side, the name of the designer ‘Joana Vasconcelos’ and, surrounding the design, the 12 stars of the European Union.

The characteristics of this coin were approved by Executive Order No 64-B/2016, published in the Official Gazette, Series I – No 63 of 31 March. The issue limit was set at 650,000 coins with normal finish.

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