The Perth Mint’s one and only $1.8 million Australian Trilogy coin collection has now been sold.

The pinnacle of The Perth Mint’s long term association with Rio Tinto and Argyle Pink Diamonds, The Australian Trilogy is an incomparable combination of precious metals and rare natural fancy colored diamonds unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia.

“This coveted collection of diamond studded gold and platinum coins has raised the bar on the concept of ‘unique collectable’, exemplifying the quality craftsmanship for which The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds are renowned,” said Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes.

Since the extraordinary collectable was unveiled by the Premier of Western Australia, the Honorable Mark McGowan MLA, last month at the Mint, it has commanded the attention of diamond connoisseurs, investors and collectors across Australia and overseas.

While several discerning parties expressed interest in purchasing the rare treasure, it was sold via Glajz-THG Pte Ltd to an anonymous Asian collector.

Singapore-based Glajz-THG Pte Ltd is a joint venture between Mr. John Glajz and the public listed company The Hour Glass Ltd, specializing in the global distribution and marketing of rare gemstones and luxury fine jewelry.

“The prompt sale of The Australian Trilogy again highlights the premium collectors place on exclusive items, which is what we also found with the sale of the Kimberley Treasure $1 million coin in 2016,” Mr. Hayes continued.

In a convergence of color and light, this extraordinary collectable embodies the essence of the Australian outback – its unique wildlife, rural landscapes and stunning natural treasures.

With the permission of its new owner, the Australian Trilogy 2017 1 Kilogram Collection will remain on display in The Perth Mint Shop at 310 Hay Street in East Perth until 31 July 2017.

View behind the scenes footage of how the rare diamonds were set below.


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