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New Pobjoy Mint JFK Centenary of Birth – $30 High Relief 5oz Proof

The assassination of JFK is a topic that breeds much controversy and debate. The official report is that he was shot by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas Texas. The gunman supposedly acted alone as he fired at the President from the 6th story window of a nearby building killing him on 22th November 1963.

JFK Centenary of Birth – $30 High Relief 5oz Proof Fine 999. Silver AND $30 High Relief 5oz Proof Fine 999. Silver with Gold Plating & Swarovski Crystal

The Reverse features a portrait of JFK in High relief and fine detail. The denomination is $30. The year of JFK’s birth and the centenary of his birth are on the left and right of the portrait respectively and a heart is also shown. The coin is also available with the heart Gold plated and a Purple Swarovski crystal inset into the heart.

Featured on the obverse is an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by and exclusive to Pobjoy Mint. In order to maintain the exclusivity of this coin we are only minting 400 in 5oz Proof Fine silver and just 100 with the gold plating and crystal. Produced for British Virgin Islands.


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