2017 History of the Dollar Silver Coin - Spain

Commemorative features first U.S. Dollar from 1794

By Real Casa de la Moneda ……

On May 23, the Royal Mint of Spain (Real Casa de la Moneda) issued a limited-release 1 kilogram silver coin dedicated to the history of the dollar. The special commemorative consists of .999 fine silver and has a face value of 300 euro.

In the center of the obverse is a left-facing portrait of His Majesty King Don Philip VI, wearing a Captain General’s insignia. Surrounding the king’s portrait in a clockwise fashion starting on the left are depictions of the obverse and reverse of an Eight Reales coin, the front and back of a United States 1794 Flowing Hair dollar (the first dollar to be issued in the U.S. by the federal government), and the obverse and reverse of a Joachimsthaler, the first dollar of all.

In the center of the reverse are the Pillars of Hercules, girded by a band with the Latin motto PLVS VLTRA (“More Beyond”). Surrounding the central motifs clockwise appear the obverse and the reverse of a Reichsthaler, a Leeuwendaalder, a Speciedaler and, at the very bottom, a Maria Theresa taler.

Each piece has a diameter of 100 mm and weighs 1,007 g (slightly more than one kilogram). A maximum of 1,000 will be struck with a serial number (xxxx/1,000) inscribed on the edge of each coin.

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