The Australian Lunar Series II bullion program comes to a close with designs celebrating the Year of the Pig – the 12th and final animal represented in the Chinese zodiac.

Beautiful new reverse images of iconic Australian fauna appear on the classic Australian Kangaroo, Kookaburra and Koala series. For the first time, these coins feature Jody Clark’s contemporary portrait of the Queen, who is depicted wearing the Royal Diamond Diadem. Each of these coins also include a helpful security feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter within the reverse design.

Struck from 99.99% pure gold, 99.99% silver and 99.95% pure platinum, the Australian Bullion Coin Program is meticulously crafted by The Perth Mint, Australia’s global leader in precious metals.

2019 Australian Lunar Series II
Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

RELEASE DATE: 10 September 2018

This year’s coins celebrate the pig, one of the 12 animals from the ancient Chinese lunar calendar believed to influence the lives of people born during its ‘reign’.


2019 Australian Kangaroo
Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion Coin Series

RELEASE DATE: 5 November 2018
This extensive range of bullion coins allow investors to acquire fine gold, silver and platinum releases all featuring an iconic kangaroo theme. While the classic ‘red’ kangaroo is retained on three releases, four small gold coins each feature a new impression of the famous marsupial

2019 Australian Kookaburra
Silver Bullion Coin Series

RELEASE DATE: 1 October 2018

Depicting Australia’s largest native kingfisher, the Australian Kookaburra has been an enduringly popular investment coin series for nearly 30 years.

2019 Australian Koala
Silver Bullion Coin Series

RELEASE DATE: 7 January 2019

The Australian Koala has provided an alternative annual silver series for investors since 2007. The tree-dwelling marsupial ranks as one of  Australia’s most recognised native animals



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