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The Central Bank of Ireland is releasing gold and silver proof coins to mark the centenary of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on April 24 1916. The coins, designed by Michael Guilfoyle, depict the statue of Hibernia in front of key words and phrases from the Proclamation.

Paul Molumby, Director of Currency and Facilities Management at the Bank said:

“We are releasing these coins to commemorate an important event in Irish history. The design of the coins reflects back to the GPO and its association with the Easter Rising and the reading of the Proclamation, which was read by Patrick Pearse outside the GPO in 1916.”

The following products will be released:

  • Silver proof coin;
  • Quarter ounce gold coin;
  • Half ounce gold coin; and
  • Double set: silver proof coin and quarter ounce gold coin.

The coins are available to buy from Monday 4 April at 9.30am. Further information on the costs for each of the commemorative products, and detail on how to order them, is available here.

Notes to Collectors

A proof coin is a coin struck using a special, high-quality minting process which is made especially for collectors. It comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity testifying to the issue limit.


Earlier this year, the Central Bank released 4.5 million commemorative €2 coins into general circulation from January 20 to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. These coins are also available in a number of collectable products for sale, including:

  • €2 Uncirculated Coin Card
  • €2 Uncirculated Coin Bookmark
  • 2016 Annual Mint Set containing the 9 2016 dated coins and a commemorative booklet
  • 2016 €2 Proof Quality Cased Coin
  • 2016 Proof Quality 9 Coin Set (including commemorative booklet)

Further information is available here.

Easter Rising 2-Euro Coins Currently Available on eBay

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2016 Ireland € 2 Euro Uncirculated Coin 1916 Easter Rising 100 Years Hibernia Current Price: $5.95
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Ireland 2 euro 2016 Easter rising UNC (#2197) Current Price: $4.35
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Ireland 2 euro coin 2016 "The Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising" UNC Current Price: $4.79
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2 Euro Commemorative Coin 2016 Ireland 100 Years Easter Rising Current Price: $4.05
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2 Euro Ireland 2016 * Easter Rising * Unc Current Price: $5.29
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