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World Money Fair 2013 – Berlin Germany

On Friday, 1 February 2013 the 42nd World Money Fair opened – taking place in Berlin for the eighth time. International mints and top-class dealers, suppliers and enthusiastic numismatists got together at the Estrel Convention Center.

world_money_fair_berlinA top-class numismatic weekend resulted including highlights such asthe  launches of special and commemorative coins, raffles and attractive promotional offers.

On the opening day of the World Money Fair, leading international mints  showcase their current coin programs and present their latest coin issues. They also speak about new developments and future projects.

Below are CoinWeek Articles and Video that covered the 2013 event:

How the World Money Fair in Berlin was Created

Albert Beck, World Money Fair Honorary President
Interviewer: David Lisot

Albert is the founder of the World Money Fair held in Berlin, Germany.

He shares how his idea for the World Money Fair developed and became one of the most successful numismatic gatherings in the world.


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What is Krause Publications “Coin of the Year Award”? VIDEO

Lisa Bellavin, On-Line Editor, Krause Publications, Interviewer: David Lisot.

This is the 30th anniversary of the prestigious Coin of the Year Awards Ceremony sponsored by Krause Publications. Mints from countries all over the world compete for different categories of specialties in numismatics. Lisa Bellavin is charge of the entries and ceremony for Krause. She talks about what is involved holding this event.


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Royal Dutch Mint Wins Krause 2013 COTY Award. VIDEO

Martin Brouwer, Royal Dutch Mint, David Harper, Executive Editor, Krause Publications.
The 2013 Coin of the Year Award was bestowed on the Royal Dutch Mint at the World Money Fair held in Berlin, Germany. Martin Brouwer, managing director of the Royal Dutch Mint, accepted the prestigious award. The coin design that won was a silver 5 Euro coin with theme of the, “100th Anniversary of the Dutch Mint with QR Code.” This year’s winner was selected by a panel of almost 100 judges from around the world in fierce competition that included entries from many of the worlds’ mints. New technology in coinage production has been an important factor in selecting recent coinage winners. The COTY Awards include ten other categories for coinage production. A list of all the winners can be found at the Krause Publications website: http://www.numismaster.com.


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Krause Editor David Harper Talks about World Money Fair & International Coin Market.

Interviewer: David Lisot
David Harper is editor of two of the coin industries most well read print publications Numismatic News and World Coin News. He also travels the world attending coin conventions and talking to collectors, dealers and world mint officials. He shares his perspective of the world coin market and why the Berlin World Money Fair has grown to such importance.


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Federation of European Numismatic Trade Associations. VIDEO

Dr. Hubert Lanz, President, Interviewer: David Lisot.
Dr. Lanz is in charge of the trade association lobbying organization that helps guide legislation originating in Brussels, Belgium that affects the numismatic industry in the European Union. His membership is comprised of the different dealer groups from the different countries in the EU. He talks about the prime directive of FENAP and the state of the collecting hobby in Europe.


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South African Numismatic Market Perspective with Alan Demby. VIDEO

Alan Demby, CEO, South African Gold Exchange. Interviewer: David Lisot.
Alan Demby is in charge of the South African Gold Exchange that is one of the largest companies that trades in precious metals and collector coins in south Africa. Mr. Demby shares his perspective of the numismatic market in both Berlin and South Africa. He explains why the market for gold is so strong in South Africa.


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WMF 2013 Guest of Honor Monnaie de Paris. VIDEO:

Christophe Beaux, Chairman & CEO, Monnaie de Paris, and Interviewer: David Lisot.
For many years it has been a tradition that one country is invited to the World Money Fair as guest of honor. In 2013 this honor falls to France, chosen as special guest for the second time since 1998. The Grand Nation is represented by the French state mint “La Monnaie de Paris.” General Director and CEO Christophe Beaux talks about having this honor and shares news about the state mint of France.


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Story of Success of Muenzen Revue. VIDEO

Herr Beck is the founder and publisher of Muenzen Revue, one of Europe’s oldest price and information catalogs. He talks about the publications he created and why they have been so popular with collectors.


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Ursula Kampmann Talks about the Website CoinsWeekly.com. VIDEO

Ursula Kampmann, Founder and Owner, CoinsWeekly, Interviewer: David Lisot.
CoinsWeekly.com is based in Switzerland and offers news and information about numismatics. The founder and creator of the website, Ursula Kampmann, talks the goals and objectives of CoinsWeekly and what she hopes the site will achieve.


GERMAN LANGUAGE VERSION: Ursula Kampmann Spricht über die Website MuenzenWoche.de. VIDEO


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