World’s Fair of Money: 10 Things to Do in Chicago without Going to Chicago

by Pinnacle Rarities…

chicagoWe are busy preparing for the upcoming American Numismatic Association’s annual World’s Fair of Money.

This year’s show is billed as Chicago. Much has been said about the fact that it is actually hosted in Rosemont. I’ve stood on my soap box several times berating both the ANA and CSNS for overexposing the Chicago hinterland with consecutive major shows in the same area.

This trend appears to be what we’re stuck with for at least a couple more years.

So as a favor to rare coin collectors, their families, and for dealers and their spouses, I give you “Ten Things to Do While Attending This Year’s ANA Convention in Chicago, without actually travelling to Chicago.”

1. For the die hards, the ANA is sponsoring an “Oktoberfest in August,” a kickoff event. Meet up with fellow collectors and dealers at this ANA sponsored event. Click HERE to find out more about this and other ANA events.

2. For the classic commemorative collector, visit a cool coin related site nearby. In Elgin, IL, just a short drive from the convention center you can see Trygve Rovelstad’s “Pioneer Memorial” as featured on the reverse of the Elgin Centennial Half Dollar.

3. Into sports? Get your hoop dreams on either Sunday before or after the show, with the Chicago WNBA team the Chicago Sky. They play at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. Tickets surely available.

4. Go shopping – The Fashion Outlets of Chicago are located in Rosemont and is loaded with upscale shopping, view a store list HERE. For a bit of bargain hunting you might chose Wolff’s Flea Markets located at the Allstate Arena. For hours of operation and other information click HERE.

5. For the party minded, on Thursday there is a group called Wedding Banned. The gig is to pick two attendees to act as bride and groom, skip the ceremonies and get right to the party. Click the link above to find out more. They will be playing at the MB Financial Park just walking distance from the convention center.

6. For the more serious types, this museum should be chocked full of historical significance. A sobering outing that would surely enlighten many of us. Evanston IL, just a short drive from Rosemont, is home of the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

7. For the adventure seeker, there is a company called iFly. They operate an indoor skydiving facility that recently opened nearby. Book reservations HERE.

8. For the less adventurous, you might try the Hummel Museum, donated to the city by the convention center’s namesake Donald Stephens. Visit and view hundreds of the popular German figurines.

9. Although not up to true Chicago dining standards, there are numerous restaurants in and around the convention center. Ask your concierge or look HERE

10. I couldn’t come up with a tenth. But, who needs ten other things to do, when the biggest and best coin show of the year is in town!

worldsfairofmoneyThese were not listed in any particular order and the list is in no way meant to promote or endorse any of these sites. But, please come see us at table #430 and tell us what you did. Or visit immediately after the show to view our new purchases and show reports. Hope to see you there!

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