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$2 Canadian Bank Note Valued at $15,000+

Eleven years after the Bank of Canada discontinued the two dollar bill with the Royal Canadian Mint’s Toonie, some of the older notes can be worth a huge premium over face value. The unique feature of this note comes down to the signature and prefix combination on the note.

The Thiessen-Crow signature combination was intended to begin with $2 note AUK 164000 to replace the Crow-Bouey signature. However, notes with the Thiessen-Crow signature have been discovered in series AUG to AUN. Notes with the prefix AUH are extremely rare with Thiessen-Crow signatures.

To date, there are only five known $2 notes with the AUH Thiessen-Crow combination, and this is the finest known example graded by PMG as Almost Uncirculated.

The 1986 AUH $2 series note will be hitting the auction block on September 28, 2012 through Geoffrey Bell Auctions in Toronto Ontario at the Toronto Coin Expo.
For more information visit www.torontocoinexpo.ca

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  1. I currently have 50 $2.00 1986 bills in mint condition with sequential serial numbers, would this be worth anything

  2. I have a Canadian $2.00 1986 bill, not in mint condition but in good condition, Serial number EGS9081415, would this be worth anything?

  3. I have a Canadian $2.00 bank note 1986, serial number is EGK4340060 and signatures are J W Crow and G G Thiessen. How much would this be worth?

  4. If you are asking “I have a Canadian $2.00 bank note, 1986 serial number ABC########## signatures blahblah how much is this worth”…..
    If the Serial number does not start in AUH, then it’s worth $2.00. There were reported over 109,000,000 $2 bank notes failed to be returned to Canadian banks. This means they have no value (other than their face value). Coin shops try to sell them at $5 because they’re trying to make $$ on others ignorance. Our local coin shop owner has informed us to just cash them in the bank or give them away to nieces or nephews as a novelty item.

  5. They will all be worth something one day and there is a lot of them that are worth 2 – 250 or more and don’t give them away what is this guy cracked give them back to the bank or give them to the kids what ??? This guy must be American educate the kids by showing them and telling them about them put them away nice and safe and pass them down from gen to gen they will be worth something one day if there not worth something today not everything lasts forever but take care of it and it can last a long time in generations to come they would love to see and hold this bill that some of us take for granted just remember when u first held a 1927 note or old 1c coin from 1914 there bigger than twoonies and we’re fascinating then and still are now I can almost see my grandpa going to the store with that penny and buying a pop chips and a huge bag of candy as he told me in a story of his when I showed him that old penny that wasn’t worth much but I hung on to it and after seeing my grandpas and dad’s eyes light up when they saw that almost 100 year old coin that was priceless and something I’ll never forget so hang on to that bill and I’m sure you your dad or grandpa just might have a cool old story to tell you about one of our Canadian notes or coins give them back to the bank is this guy nuts might as well give your old car back to the dealership when it’s discontinued lol

  6. Just curious, I looked at my saved $2 bills and found one with the serial number AUH3690964 1986 print, curious of its value if any?

  7. I have a $2 bill from 1986 signed by Thiessen Crow and the serial number also srarts with AUH. Did you get a reply on where we could take it to see what its worth?

  8. i have a 2$ bill from 1986 with the thiessen crow serial number cbh2454590 was just wondering if anyone would know if its worth anything

  9. I have a Canadian two dollar note 1986 EBJ#######. I’ve been researching and can’t find any with the same prefixes, is this note of any worth? Thank you

  10. so um what if I have a 2dollar bill mint condition with the correct signature from 1986 but starts with AUV??? I have not seen anything on that?

  11. I have two dollar bills prefix c b f , e g k ,b r t,b b v, b g z , s-g , a g s.
    Also one dollar bills g p. Centennial s f 1954. Please let me know.

  12. I do have a 1986 $2.00 bill serial number AUH4038643 is this worth anything and if so who do I contact.

  13. I have a 1986 two dollar bill signed by thiessen crow serial no. BGV346477 wonder if anyone knows if it actually worth something.

    • Again, read the article. It states “notes with the Thiessen-Crow signature have been discovered in series AUG to AUN. Notes with the prefix AUH are extremely rare with Thiessen-Crow signatures” The BGV is NOT the valuable ones.

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