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Errors and Varieties

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1923 Peace dollar with rotated dies. On this example, the reverse die is rotated approximately 60 degrees. Image: Stack’s Bowers / CoinWeek.

Rotated Alignment – A Variety of Error Coin

The term "rotated alignment" refers to a type of mint error and describes the alignment of a coin that has been struck by dies...
2000 Washington quarter Sacagawea dollar mule error coin.

Sacagawea Dollar Washington Quarter Mule Sets Record Price at GreatCollections

By CoinWeek ....   On Sunday, January 21, 2024, the online numismatic auction firm GreatCollections sold a rare (2000)-P Sacagawea dollar/Washington quarter mule mint error for...
This is an image of a 1811 Classic Head Half Cent from the Eliasberg Collection

Eliasberg 1811 Classic Half Cent Offered by GreatCollections

By CoinWeek .....   GreatCollections is currently offering a rare 1811 Classic Head half cent from the famous collection of Louis Eliasberg. GreatCollections has set the...
1949-S Roosevelt Dime. Image: CoinWeek.

1949-S Roosevelt Dime : A Collector’s Guide

As one of the key dates of the series, the 1949-S Roosevelt dime is second in rarity only to the Philadelphia Mint’s 1955 mintage...
1937-D "Three Legged" Buffalo nickel. Image: CoinWeek.

1937-D “3 Legged” Buffalo Nickel : A Collector’s Guide

The famous 1937-D “3 Legged” Buffalo nickel is one of the most important modern US coins and probably the most well-known type in the...
Mint Error News Magazine. Issue #68.

Mint Error Coins News Magazine #68 Features Unique U.S. Errors

Mint Error News Magazine Issue 68: Unique U.S. Proof, Specimen, Pattern & Error Coins   Many numismatists, dealers, and collectors consider unique coins to be the...
A rare Sacagawea Dollar / Washington Quarter mule. Image: GreatCollections.

Famous Sacagawea Dollar Mule Error Offered by GreatCollections

In numismatics, a “mule” is a coin struck with the obverse die of one denomination and the reverse die of another. And no mule...
1865 Two-Cent Piece. Image: CoinWeek / NGC.

1865 Two Cent Piece : A Collector’s Guide

First struck in 1864 in an attempt to solve the nationwide coin shortage, caused by the onset of the U.S. Civil War, the Two...
1972 Eisenhower Dollar. Image: CoinWeek.

1972 Eisenhower Dollar : A Collector’s Guide

The Mint Was Still Refining the Eisenhower Dollar Design in 1972 After one year of development, the Eisenhower dollar was released in 1971. The large...

Mint Error Coin News Issues Special Edition Magazine

Celebrating 20 years of Mint Error News! Volume One and Volume Two are now online. Visit minterrornews.com to read both issues about Coin Errors. *...
A most expensive nail. Roosevelt dime struck on nail. Image: Heritage Auctions / Adobe Stock.

Ten Extreme U.S. Error Coins Bring Big Prices

By Tyler Rossi for CoinWeek ..... 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar and Washington Quarter Mule Described as the holy grail of United States Mint errors, the 2000-P Sacagawea...
United States 2000 "Cheerios" Lincoln Cent

2000 Cheerios Cent: History and Value | CoinWeek

Why were 10,000,000 Lincoln Cents Distributed in Boxes of Cheerios? As part of an innovative major PR campaign, in 2000, the United States Mint teamed...
1943 Copper Cent. Image: Stack's Bowers / Heritage

1943 Copper Penny : A Collector’s Guide

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek .....   1943 Copper Pennies (officially, 1943 copper cents) have been found in cafeterias, gum ball machines, and...
Trade Dollar. Image: PCGS / CoinWeek.

PCGS Now Attributing Trade Dollar Challenge 50 Set Varieties

By Jay Turner for PCGS ...... Silver dollar variety collecting has been a passion for many collectors for decades. PCGS now announces an additional variety...
United States 1864 Two Cent Coin

1864 Two Cent Coin – A Collector’s Guide | CoinWeek

With the passage of the Coinage Act of 1864, the United States Congress authorized the design and production of a brand-new denomination, the short-lived...

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