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Ten Affordable Coins and Banknotes From Around the World

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek.com .....   Is it possible to overthink the coin-collecting game? Does it require constant study of population reports and other data...
An image of an array of popular gold bullion coins. Image: Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

Why Bullion Investors Often Transition Into Being Coin Collectors

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek .....   How does a person move from being a bullion investor to a collector? It's not an either/or choice, as...
An image of a jar of cash and a gold coin. Tips for saving nice coins.

Budget Coin Collecting: How to Raise Money to Buy Better Coins

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek .....   It happens to every collector, and often on a repeated basis. An exciting coin comes along - imagine a $5...
Collecting rare coins on a budget is a necessity for most numismatists.

Collecting Rare Coins: How to Get Started on a Budget

On a tight budget, the world of rare coin collecting can seem daunting, even to seasoned numismatic enthusiasts. This piece from Blanchard and Company...
Attractive and Affordable world coins.

Ten Attractive and Inexpensive World Coins to Get Your Collection Started

Collectors on a budget will find world coins an interesting area to pursue Al Doyle lists 10 world coin areas that should excite...
The Coinsnap App using AI to identify and grade coins. Is it effective?

Can This AI Collecting App Correctly Identify and Grade Coins?

By Austin Purvis for CoinWeek .....   Collectors and dealers have traditionally needed experience, knowledge, and a keen eye to accurately identify and grade coins. While...
The 1999 Wide AM is an example of a rare coin that can be found in pocket change. Image: CoinWeek / Adobe Stock.

Rare Coins Worth Money That You Can Find in Pocket Change

By Tyler Rossi for CoinWeek .....   Both coin roll hunting and searching through pocket change can be interesting and accessible entry points into the hobby...
Gold bullion coins are produced throughout the world.

Collect Gold Coins the Financially Painless Way

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek ..... The appeal of gold is universal, and it has nothing to do with the state of one's finances. A desire to own...
NGC Introduces the Morgan 50 Registry Set.

The Morgan 50 Now a Competitive Set on the NGC Registry

The Morgan 50 - A Morgan Dollar Collection Every Collector Can Complete Designed to fit the budget of every collector but still offer a longterm...
1825 Capped Bust Half Dollar. Image: NGC / Adobe Stock.

Perfectly Circulated Coins: Jeff Garrett

By Jeff Garrett for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) ...... Much attention in numismatics is focused on quality. One of the most common pieces of wisdom...

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