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Silver Content and Spot Price Bullion Value of Generic U.S. Coins

As assortment of silver U.S. Coins. Image: CoinWeek.

Silver coins have been produced by the United States Mint since the Mint’s establishment in 1792. For almost 200 years, silver coinage was used in the nation’s day-to-day commerce, and many if not all of the denominations and series which contain bullion value have become perennial favorites of coin collectors. Silver Bullion ValueFrom Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, and Capped Bust coinage to Seated Liberty coinage, Barber coinage, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Standing Liberty Quarters and beyond, silver bullion value has been a key driver of collector demand.

Adding to the desirability of silver U.S. coins is the fact that silver was removed from modern coins starting in 1964, with only a couple of “prestige” coins–the Eisenhower Dollar and the Kennedy Half Dollar–consisting of 40% silver through 1976 and 1970, respectively. Of course, the U.S. Mint continues to make commemoratives, Proofs, and special numismatic issues out of silver alloy, and its marquee silver bullion value coin–the American Silver Eagle, which debuted in 1986–is one of the most popular silver bullion and investment coins in the world.

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Silver Values

Spot Price - June 11, 2024$29.39
DenominationWeight (g)ASW (oz)Silver Value
War Nickel [35% Silver] (1942-45)5.00.0563$1.65
Dimes - Mercury, Roosevelt2.50.0723$2.12
Quarters - Standing Liberty, Washington6.25.1808$5.31
Half Dollars - Walking Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy (1964)12.50.36169$10.63
Kennedy Half Dollar [40% Silver] (1965-70)11.50.1479$4.35
Silver Dollars - Morgan, Peace26.73.7734$22.73
Eisenhower Dollar [40% Silver] (1971-76)24.624.3161$9.29
American Silver Eagle (1986-Present)31.1011.00$29.39