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1886 $5 Silver Certificate. Image: GreatCollections.

1886 Silver Certificate, Rare $5 Silver Dollar Back, Offered by GreatCollections

By CoinWeek ....   Bidding ends very soon on GreatCollections.com for this Fr. 259 1886 $5 Silver Certificate Note, graded Extremely Fine 40 by PCGS Currency....
Series of 2009 $1 Federal Reserve Note - $1 Bill. Image: Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

What’s on the Front of My Dollar Bill? A Primer

By Hubert Walker for CoinWeek ....   What are the design elements on the front of a dollar bill, and what do they mean? How...
Ashland, Wisconsin. $5 1882 Brown Back. Fr. 469. The Northern NB. Charter #3607. PMG Extremely Fine 40.

Rare U.S. Currency From Caine Collection in Stack’s Bowers Spring 2024 Auction

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is presenting its Spring 2024 Showcase Auction of U.S. Currency in two sessions hosted at Griffin Studios in the firm’s Costa...
An ascending ladder serial number on a $1 bill. Image: Stack's Bowers.

Ladder – A Sequential Serial Number on Paper Money

(n.) A ladder is a kind of "fancy" serial number found on paper money that features ascending or descending numerals. For example, the serial number...
Black ink representing oleaginous ink - a U.S. paper money anti-counterfeiting tool. Image: Adobe Stock.

Oleaginous Ink – A U.S. Paper Money Anti-Counterfeiting Tool

(n.) Oleaginous ink is a type of greasy, destructible ink invented in the 1820s by Joseph Dixon (1799-1869) for the purpose of thwarting counterfeiters. When...
Federal Reserve Note with SWIMS serial number.

SWIMS Serial Number – Ambigrams on U.S. Paper Money

(n.) A SWIMS serial number is a type of so-called "fancy" serial number found on United States paper money that appears identical if read upside...
1902 $5 National Bank Note - First National Bank of Eureka.

Eureka Banknote Discovery in GreatCollections Auction

Serial #1 of Iconic Town Name   A rare banknote from the First National Bank of Eureka, California is being auctioned by GreatCollections on Sunday, February...
Close up of a Ten Cents Fractional Currency note from Series Five. Left: Long Key depicted at the bottom of the Treasury Seal. Right: Short Key variety. Image: Stack’s Bowers / CoinWeek.

Long Key – Fractional Currency Variety

(n.) The term "Long Key" refers to a variety of 19th-century American Fractional Currency paper money from the fifth series (February 26, 1874 – February...
Register of the Treasury Signature.

Register of the Treasury – Signatures on US Paper Money

The Register of the Treasury is a former office of the United States Treasury Department. The position was instituted in 1861 and lasted until...
Series of 1933 $10 Silver Certificate. PCGS Banknote 67PPQ. Image: CoinWeek.

Series of 1933 $10 Silver Certificate

Fr. 1700. Dubbed the "King of the Small Size Currency Notes", the Series of 1933 $10 Silver Certificate (Fr. 1700) is very rare. Out...
The selvage of a Federal Reserve Note. Image: Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

Selvage – A US Paper Money Security Feature

(n.) The term selvage refers to the extra paper around the edge of paper money before it is cut – sometimes used as a security...
1864 $20 Compound Interest Treasury Note graded PCGS Extremely Fine 40 and ex: James a. Stack, Sr. This note was sold by Stack’s Bowers on March 22, 2018, for $28,800 USD. Image: Stack’s Bowers.

In God Is Our Trust – Paper Money Inscription Explained

“In God Is Our Trust” is a motto emblazoned on a federal shield that is located in the bottom right corner of the $20...
1864 $20 Compound Interest Treasury Note graded PCGS Extremely Fine 40 and ex: James a. Stack, Sr. This note was sold by Stack’s Bowers on March 22, 2018, for $28,800 USD. Image: Stack’s Bowers.

“God and Our Right” – Paper Money Inscription Explained

“God and Our Right” is a motto found on certain issues of United States paper money, emblazoned on a federal shield located in the...
Hawaii overprint note

Hawaii Overprint Currency Note: A Collectible From World War II

Hawaii Overprint Currency Notes (or Hawaii Wartime Notes; or United States Currency, Hawaiian Series; or Emmons Notes) were an emergency currency issued by the...
Blanche Kelso Bruce. Image colorized by CoinWeek.

Blanche Kelso Bruce : Civil Rights Pioneer, U.S. Senator, Banknote Signer

United States Senator. Register of the Treasury. Born May 1, 1841 in Farmville, Virginia. Died March 17, 1898. * * * Born Branch Bruce in Farmville,...

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