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Paper Money of the United States. 23rd Edition.

New Edition of Friedberg United States Paper Money out in July

Seventy-one years after its first edition, the 23rd edition of Paper Money of the United States, the standard reference book on American currency, is...
A pack of 1976 $2 Bills.

The Bicentennial $2 Bill – First of a Kind

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes ....   In the mid-1970s, various patriotic and numismatic items were released as the United States marked the bicentennial of its independence...
Lucky 777 $1 Federal Reserve Note Collectible. Image: BEP.

Lucky 777 Note

(n.) The Lucky 777 Note is a product sold by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) that capitalizes on Asian traditions of...
1896 $1 Silver Certificate Educational Note Set PCGS Currency Gem New 65 PPQ. Image: GreatCollections.

1896 Silver Certificate Educational Note Set at GreatCollections

By CoinWeek ....   On Sunday, June 30, GreatCollections is offering a Series 1896 Silver Certificate Educational Note Set consisting of bills graded Gem New 65...
Mockup of Trump $500 Federal Reserve Note. Image: CoinWeek.

Legislation Proposes Trump on $500 Bill

By CoinWeek News Staff ....   On June 5, 2024, Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ9) introduced H.R.8620, an amendment to the Federal Reserve Act to allow the...
Serial No. 1 National Bank Note From OK Territory in Stack's Bowers August 2024 Global Showcase Auction

Serial No. 1 National Bank Note From OK Territory in Stack’s Bowers Showcase Auction

By Bradley C. Trotter - Currency Auction Associate, Stack's Bower Galleries ......   Hailing from a town whose existence came into being literally overnight, Guthrie in...
Whitman publishes A Guide Book of United States Paper Money, 8th Edition (2024)

A Guide Book of United States Paper Money 8th Edition Published

Whitman announces the upcoming release of the newest edition of A Guide Book of United States Paper Money, by Arthur L. and Ira S....
Series 2006A $100 Bill. Image: Adobe Stock.

C-Note – Another Name for the $100 Dollar Bill

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   (n.) Slang. A C-note is one of a handful of colloquial terms for the one-hundred-dollar bill, “C” being the Roman numeral for “100”...
Radar Note on a Series 1996 $100 Federal Reserve Note.

Radar Note – A Fancy Number Federal Reserve Note

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   (n.) Concerning currency and paper money from the United States, a radar note is a Federal Reserve Note with a palindromic serial...
The back of the 1775 Massachusetts "Sword in Hand Note." Image: Heritage Auctions / Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

Ense Petit Placidam Svb Libertate Qvietem

Ense Petit Placidam Svb Libertate Qvietem is a Latin phrase meaning “Issued in the Defense of Liberty.” It appears on the 1775 Massachusetts “Sword-in-Hand”...
1886 $5 Silver Certificate. Image: GreatCollections.

1886 Silver Certificate, Rare $5 Silver Dollar Back, Offered by GreatCollections

By CoinWeek ....   Bidding ends very soon on GreatCollections.com for this Fr. 259 1886 $5 Silver Certificate Note, graded Extremely Fine 40 by PCGS Currency....
Series of 2009 $1 Federal Reserve Note - $1 Bill. Image: Adobe Stock / CoinWeek.

What’s on the Front of My Dollar Bill? A Primer

By Hubert Walker for CoinWeek ....   What are the design elements on the front of a dollar bill, and what do they mean? How...
Ashland, Wisconsin. $5 1882 Brown Back. Fr. 469. The Northern NB. Charter #3607. PMG Extremely Fine 40.

Rare U.S. Currency From Caine Collection in Stack’s Bowers Spring 2024 Auction

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is presenting its Spring 2024 Showcase Auction of U.S. Currency in two sessions hosted at Griffin Studios in the firm’s Costa...
An ascending ladder serial number on a $1 bill. Image: Stack's Bowers.

Ladder – A Sequential Serial Number on Paper Money

(n.) A ladder is a kind of "fancy" serial number found on paper money that features ascending or descending numerals. For example, the serial number...
Black ink representing oleaginous ink - a U.S. paper money anti-counterfeiting tool. Image: Adobe Stock.

Oleaginous Ink – A U.S. Paper Money Anti-Counterfeiting Tool

(n.) Oleaginous ink is a type of greasy, destructible ink invented in the 1820s by Joseph Dixon (1799-1869) for the purpose of thwarting counterfeiters. When...

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