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CoinWeek Notes presents expert analysis and insights from Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker, the award-winning editors of CoinWeek.com.

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1878 Twenty-Cent Piece. Image: Heritage Auctions.

1878 Twenty Cent Piece : A Collector’s Guide

The Twenty Cent piece took its final bow with this 1878 Proof Only issue. 600 coins were reportedly struck, a slight increase over the...
Left: The Famous Lord St. Oswald-Norweb 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. Right: The Taffs-Miles-Blue Moon 1794 Dollar Reverse. Both Images Courtesy: Stack's Bowers.

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar : A Collector’s Guide

The United States silver dollar denomination was authorized by the Mint Act of April 2, 1792, but was not produced until the fall of...
1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime. Image: Stack's Bowers / CoinWeek.

Flowing Hair Half Dime, 1794-1795 | CoinWeek

Small numbers of half dismes were made in 1792, a tangible result of the efforts of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton to...
1987-S American Silver Eagle Proof. Image: CoinWeek.

1987-S American Silver Eagle Proof : A Collector’s Guide

1987 was the second year of the American Silver Eagle bullion coin program and the first full year of coin production. While the bullion coin...
United States 1965 Lincoln Cent

1965 Lincoln Cent : A Collector’s Guide

To collectors of U.S. coins, 1965 was an epoch-making year in the history of the American monetary system. A coinage shortage and the rise...
Two coins that are the finest known. Image: CoinWeek.

Finest Known – What It Does and Doesn’t Mean in the Coin Market

(n.) A coin described as the "finest known" is a coin of such a condition that no other example of the same issue is known...
This is an image of the 2012-P Arcadia National Park quarter dollar.

2012-P Acadia National Park Quarter : A Collector’s Guide

The 2012-P Acadia National Park quarter was the third America the Beautiful (ATB) quarter design released in the third year of that program and...
1886-O Morgan Dollar in PCGS MS67DMPL. Image: Stack's Bowers.

1886-O Morgan Dollar : A Collector’s Guide

Even though the New Orleans Mint struck a whopping 10,710,000 silver dollars that year, the 1886-O Morgan dollar is not as easy to find...
1938-D Buffalo nickel. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins / CoinWeek.

Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938) | CoinWeek

Buffalo or Indian Head nickels have been a popular series with collectors since the start of the type, abetted by the introduction of collecting...
Lanģued heraldic figure. Image: Adobe Stock.

Lanģued : A Heraldic Term Used on Coins

(adj.) From the French langue ("tongue"). In heraldry, the term "lanģued" refers to a figure that is depicted with its tongue visible or sticking out....
Raw Coins: Silver dollars and silver half dollar coins. Image: Adobe Stock.

Raw Coin – When a Slab Just Won’t Do

(n.) A "raw" coin is simply a coin that is not semi-permanently encapsulated in a plastic holder. In other words, a coin in its natural,...
1792 Half Disme. Image: Stack's Bowers / CoinWeek.

1792 Half Disme : A Collector’s Guide

Early Attempts at a National Coinage Unsuccessful The Coinage Act of 1792 established the United States Mint and regulated the coins of the United States,...
1852-C Liberty Head Quarter Eagle graded NGC MS61. Image: Stack's Bowers.

1852-C Liberty Head Quarter Eagle : A Collector’s Guide

The United States Mint branch facility in Charlotte struck 9,772 quarter eagles in 1852 using one pair of dies (Winter die pair 14-I). As...
1934-D Lincoln Cent graded PCGS MS67+RD. Image: Heritage Auctions (visit www.ha.com).

1934-D Lincoln Cent : A Collector’s Guide

The 1934-D Lincoln cent is notorious for the prominence of coins struck with heavily worn dies. Error-and-variety enthusiasts can seek out at least five...
Colonial Coin & Stamp Company Shield nickel, Barber quarter, and Commemorative Half dollar boards. Images: Doug Plasencia for David Lange / CoinWeek.

Colonial Coin & Stamp Company – Coin Board Manufacturer

Colonial Coin & Stamp Company of New York City was founded by German immigrant Leiser Wolf Schnelling in or around 1931. Schnelling’s firm produced...

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