Lebanese Coins: The Early Coinage of Modern Lebanon—An Array of High Grade Offerings
The Early Coinage of Modern Lebanon—An Array of High Grade Offerings

By Jeremy BostwickSenior Numismatist & Cataloger, Stack’s Bowers ……

Following World War I and the demise of the once vast and powerful Ottoman Empire, various parts of the realm were partitioned off, including the land that makes up present-day Lebanon. In this case, France held a mandate officially meant to foster future states, although such mandates often entered the sphere of pseudo-colonialism.

Not surprisingly, the early coinage of Lebanon—beginning in 1924—featured a strong French flair owing mostly to their manufacture at the mint in Paris. One of the more indigenous aspects of the coinage is the Lebanese cedar, an iconic arboreal image often rather prominently displayed. Our June Collectors Choice Online (CCO) World Coin Auction presents a diverse selection of these early issues. Also offered are some interesting, cruder, locally produced denominations from during World War II, with each standing as one of the finer—or even finest—seen for its type.

Presented below are a few of the dazzling highlights from this selection.

1) 5 Piastres, 1925. Paris Mint. PCGS MS-65 Gold Shield.

2) 2-1/2 Piastres, 1940. Paris Mint. PCGS MS-66 Gold Shield.

3) Piastre, 1940. Paris Mint. PCGS MS-65 Gold Shield.

4) Brass Piastre, ND (1942-45). PCGS MS-63 Gold Shield.

5) 5 Piastres, 1954. Paris Mint. PCGS MS-66 Gold Shield.

6) 5 Piastres, 1955. Paris Mint. PCGS MS-66 Gold Shield.

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