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Comments by ANA Board of Govenors Laura Sperber on her Websites HOT TOPICS Blog ………


So far I have not seen a complete train wreck, just a slight derailment. BUT I have now seen enough to know NOT to expect any great changes, things move SLOOOOW, and there definately are board memebers with their own agendas that do not seem to include everything ANA. For as much as the ANA membership blames the board-remember-YOU voted the incumbents in.

ana_board_sperberThis past week I saw a lot of seemingly endless chatter from the ANA board and other higher ranking soles. I was amused that one of the more important things was making sure everyones emails were correct. Yeah, thats important, but there are so many serious topics to work on-that should lead the way before this (especially since the really VIP know how to reach each other anyway).


Here is one of my first real horror adventures-seeing how poorly attended the show was. I can NOT get over this subject. There is some discussion going on with the board. Of course the talk seems to be in slow motion. I have pressed for the board to examine the show and re-invent it. I am not just talking about moving it. We need the 2014 ANA Show to be the BEST it can be. My goal is to break 10,000 attendees this year (quality attendees of course).

I have mentiond several times the appearance of the show itself was a disgrace. While adding luxuries like carpeting was too costly, I did suggest maybe we have a contest for attending dealers. Who ever dresses up their table the best wins a table for the following year. Every year Legend goes out and buys fresh cut flowers for our table. Also, I am on record for suggesting a huge change in the traffic patterns of the show. Why let the big guys block the entrances? Have them in the middle of the room (along with all premium spaces). This will create a much fairer and better traffic flow -and a better flow so collectors can see and do more.

Another thing I mentioned: REAL mini seminars: have a 2 day short grading serminar (it can be a teaser for the real ANA summer seminar). The ANA has the BEST educational department-why not use it? I also suggested get a special type of lucite holder and allow collectors to get their pictures taken with the great rarities the ANA displays (we did this once w/the 1913 5C we owned). I am trying to think of “out of the box” ideas. Sorry , but bringing a bunch of basketball players or their cheerleaders is NOT classy or really right for an ANA Show.

Saw some chatttng on a forum about the topic, but of course 90% was worthless. Moving the 2014 show or extending or deleteing days are NOT an option. We need to shake it up and make better to attend. The ANA show should defnately be a destination show that ALL collectors leave with a high from. To aid in that, I have also clearly suggested NO auction sessions during the show. LAST: For the record, I requested we revamp our security at shows. The issue actually has some discussion about this. As a dealer I have NEVER felt comfortable at how the show is protected. Again, I want everything about the ANA show to be the VERY BEST it can be.

Of course now the ANA Show (in my opinion) is dying a slow semi worked on death. I think we will eventually see some minor improvements regardless, BUT we need major ones! The problem, not all members of the ANA board feel that the show-probably the ANAs biggest face in the publics eye does have any real problems. I can promise you, I see many negative issues with the show. I will NOT stand by and let this show become a boring out of touch place not to attend. ANY issue I strongly believe in like this-I will NEVER let die.

Please email me your suggestions for making the show better! What are you looking for at a show? What makes you want to attend? What needs improvement? What were your likes/dislike from the 2013 Show? General comments?

Also, please email ALL the other board members too (see the ANA web site for addresses)! An attendence of LESS then 10,000 for our biggest and BEST coin show of the year-NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!


Too many other areas to work on. Does not seem like much will be done before this super “retreat” the Bord of Gov. are going to have in October at the ANA HQ. I now see this how slow the board works. To think, all of my friends were worried I didn’t have enough time for this or would burn out-HA! I’m still going to be commenting and offering ideas/solutions in areas I see need it. I am really doing, my best to work with this board.

I am also very much intersted in hearing ANY and ALL suggestions as to how to make a better ANA (not just the show)!

I MAY BE REACHED AT: [email protected] Unless I am traveling, I will respond to every email.

Laura Sperber
Laura Sperber
Laura Sperber is one of the owners of Legend Numismatics. She is a passionate and outspoken dealer who says what she believes and is a strong proponent of numismatic standards. Since 1987, Legend Numismatics has built an unequaled reputation among casual collectors and avid investors alike by locating and procuring top-quality rare coins.

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