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In 1994, Champion founder Michael Chou started a mail bid auction in his Journal of East Asian Numismatics (JEAN). JEAN is a numismatic academic journal that was distributed in over 20 countries, and remained a mainstay on many important library shelves.

In 1996, Michael Chou brought his enthusiasm for Asian numismatics to the auction business, founding Champion Auction in Hong Kong. From 2002 Champion held a series of online auctions, working with the world’s leading e-commerce company eBay, which is also the world’s leading online auction platform. By March 2015, Champion had conducted 25 auctions (23 floor auctions and 10 online auctions) in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Champion has been setting record prices for Asian Numismatics:champion_highlights

  • August 2010: The Champion Ultima Auction featured a 1910 Yunnan Spring Silver Dollar (NGC MS55) that sold for USD 1,030,000. At the time, it was the first Chinese coin to break the USD 1 Million at auction.
  • December 2007: At Champion Hong Kong Auction 4, an 1853 Xianfeng 1000 cash pattern realized USD 103,000, becoming the first Chinese cash coin to exceed USD 100,000 at auction and more than doubling the previous record.
  • May 2011: On behalf of a client, Champion purchased a China 1991 Panda 10,000 Yuan 5 Kg Gold Proof at auction for USD 1,600,000. This is the all-time record price for a Chinese coin
  • August 2011: At Champion Hong Kong Auction 15, a 1992 China Compass 2000 Yuan 1 Kg Gold Proof (NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo) realized USD 1,298,000. This set an all new world record price for a Chinese certified coin.
  • October 2013: two 1992 Kilo gold Compass and Seismograph coins with No.10, NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo realized USD 1,480,000.
    In 2014, a 1898 Hunan Dollar Heaton Mint sold for over USD 1,000,000 through a private treat


November 26, 2017 Champion Macau Auction 

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Champion Auction Features features rarities graded by PMG and NGC.