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Changes in the Use of Roman Money: Long Table 155 With Maria Cristina Molinari


Hoards dating to the third century BCE and associated with the establishment of sacred spaces have been found throughout the Romanized areas of the original territory of the Italic Latin people (Latium vetus or “Old Latium”), maritime Etruria (the home of the Etruscans), and the island of Sardinia. These kinds of deposits imply a relatively weak “economic” approach to the use of money by the Roman Republic at the time. Maria Cristina Molinari, Chief Curator of the Capitoline Museums in Rome, will discuss this religiously oriented practice and the emergence of a more “rational” approach during the Second Punic War against Carthage, when minting authorities became very aware of the monetary value of these donations to the spiritual realm.

Every Friday at 1:00 pm ET, the Long Table series brings together members from around the country. Lead by ANS staff, outside numismatic curators, authors, enthusiasts, historians, and many more, each talk offers the opportunity to take an hour away from your busy day to discuss all things numismatic, exchange views and ideas, and speak directly with fellow members and with the ANS.

For More on Roman Money and Other Ancient Coins, Watch Previous Long Tables on the ANS YouTube Channel Here

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