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Coins of Tyre in Phoenicia Under Elagabalus: Long Table 145 With Achim Lichtenberger


Tyre in Phoenicia was one of the most prolific mints in the Hellenistic and Roman Southern Levant, particularly in the third century CE. Whereas previous issues of Tyre were quite standardized with a limited number of coin types, this number skyrocketed under the Roman emperor Elagabalus, showcasing an elaborate civic mythology.

In Long Table 145 from the ANS, Professor Achim Lichtenberger of the University of Münster contextualizes this development and looks at the impact of local, regional, and imperial actors on the extraordinarily rich coin production of Tyre.

Every Friday at 1:00 pm ET, the Long Table series brings together American Numismatic Society (ANS) members from around the country. Lead by ANS staff, outside numismatic curators, authors, enthusiasts, historians, and many more, each talk offers the opportunity to take an hour away from your busy day to discuss all things numismatic, exchange views and ideas, and speak directly with fellow members and with the ANS.

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