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CoinWeek Cool Coins! 2020 Episode 1: 1976-S Error, Top Pop 1838-C, and More…


CoinWeek’s Cool Coins! returns with our first episode of 2020.

In this episode, we talk to Doug Winter about an amazing 1838-C $5 gold coin that just came to light after being held for more than three decades in a private collection. This 1838-C is graded MS63+ by PCGS and now sits as the condition census finest known of this important first-year issue from the Charlotte Mint.

Next, Fred Weinberg talks about an unusual error coin that was produced by the San Francisco Mint. This 1976-S Bicentennial quarter, one of the most popular U.S. commemorative coins ever produced, was struck on a one-cent copper planchet. Off-color and off-kilter, the is an expensive error coin that rarely comes to market.

In our third segment, former ANA President Gary Adkins shares another quarter, the rare 1796 issue that retains only the bare minimum design detail necessary for the professional graders at PCGS to identify it. Normally, we don’t share coins that we wouldn’t be proud of having in our collections, but given the fact that this is the only U.S. quarter dollar struck in the 18th century, we felt it was a worthwhile coin to share.

All three of these segments were recorded at the 2020 Winter FUN in Orlando, Florida.

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