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France 2015 Kings and Presidents Charles de Gaulle 200 Euro Gold Coin


I call upon all Frenchmen who want to remain free to listen to my voice and follow me.

These were the words that French General Charles de Gaulle spoke to the French-speaking people over the airwaves of the BBC in London on June 18, 1940. The French government, humiliated at the hands of the German Army, was preparing to capitulate and sign an armistice. From the jaws of this defeat, de Gaulle called on the French people to rise up against Germany and its allies and to win back not only French territory, but the territories of all of Europe’s conquered nations. De Gaulle evoked the military and industrial power of France’s most powerful ally, the United States, as a tide-turning force that would push back the axis powers.

De Gaulle, as the leader of the Free French, kept the faith of his countrymen and saw his promises of liberation come to fruition. After the war, de Gaulle helped see the creation of the Fourth Republic – a government that he would never head. Fifteen years later he would see his countrymen establish the constitution of the Fifth Republic. From 1959 to 1969, he served as President.

Starting in 2011, the Monnaie de Paris began to issue a series of commemorative coins celebrating 1,500 years of French history. Titled From Clovis to the Republic, the award-winning series imitated the hammered coin techniques of the Middle Ages. The resulting coins are unique to the world of modern mint products.

Obverse: M. Christian Lacroix’s portrait of de Gaulle. Wrapping around the top of the coin is the inscription CHARLES DE GAULLE. In the exergue is the date 2015.

Reverse: A BBC microphone. To the left, the denomination 200 EURO. To the right, the abbreviation RF (République Française). In the exergue, the dual date 1959-1969.

Designer(s): Monnaie de Paris engraver M. Christian La Croix’s designs reimagine classic French motifs in a contemporary context.  View Designers Profile

Coin Specifications:

Country:  France
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  200 Euro
Mint Mark:
Mintage:  500
Alloy:  .999 gold
Weight:  31.1 grams
Diameter:  37 mm
OBV Designer  M. Christian Lacroix
REV Designer  M. Christian Lacroix
Quality:  Proof

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