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Graffiti Artist Ces53 mints own Gold & Silver coins

Ces53, in collaboration with the Tower Art Gallery, are pleased to finally unveil a project several years in the making; the first ever currency, minted by a Graffiti King. Using ancient techniques that originate from the beginning of the monetary system, we have minted our own coinage using solid silver and gold.

ces53_coinsIn this time of financial turmoil and uncertainty, we offer the perfect opportunity for a safe investment by combining gold and silver with unique and collectable art. With the inevitable collapse of the Fiat Currency looming, there has never been a more appropriate time to question the stock market’s precious metal price manipulation…

Ces53 is a graffiti and fine artist from Rotterdam, active since 1985 and quickly rising to become a graffiti king of Europe by the early 90’s. One of the biggest trainbombers of his time, Ces53 is especially famous for his one man colour whole cars, keeping pace and painting alongside the renowned New York kings of his era such as Sento, Wane, Reas, Dash, Pure and CesFX.

ces53Parallel to an international career in graffiti, Ces53 first found classical oil painting in 1987 and went on to study at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam during the 90’s. Here he refined his oil and acrylic techniques and started to make impressionistic and expressionistic works alongside conceptual modern art. Since 1999 Ces53 has also been studying sculpturing including jade carving, stone carving, ceramic working and metal casting in Guatemala, Mexico and Burma.

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